Venusian Love Bundle
Venusian Love Bundle

Venusian Love Bundle

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Venus just entered Capricorn and will have us projecting our aura/light field to receive love and abundance. Your appetite for love or how you want to be loved may shift and change over the coming weeks as Venus stays in Capricorn until February 16th. Ahhh yes, just in time for Valentine's Day!

So, in honor of Venus and Valentine’s Day I’ve created a Venusian Love Bundle, even though you can celebrate love any day.

This bundle includes a petite Raw Rose Quartz Chunk, a Rose Quartz keychain (a little love on-the-go), a Aura Rose Quartz Heart, and a mini Aura Clear Quartz piece.

All in all, this sweet and loving bundle will amplify the most positive and protective vibes. This is an ideal gift for almost anyone you love, and far better than convenience store chocolates!

Rose Quartz is also called the Heart Stone, so there’s no surprise that Rose Quartz serves the Heart chakra, and its loving vibes are calming and reassuring. It provides protection and healing at the finest level. It encourages all kinds of relationships by amplifying self-love, a crucial component in any relationship. This provides space for the user to be compassionate and gentle with themselves and others.

The Aura Rose Quartz Heart is made of a particular variety of Aura Quartz that involves a special blend of the highest vibrational Rose Quartz and 100% genuine gold coating to create an iridescent appearance. This beautiful stone works deeply on the emotional and light bodies, to sooth, relax, and vibrationally raises the holder.

The shape of a Heart is a of course a universal symbol of love, and crystals shaped into hearts represent our life force, the thing that keeps us going, the center of our being. This crystal shape will support any intentions around our most positive emotions like joy, happiness, and of course love.

The mini Aura Clear Quartz piece that completes this bundle is made of a unique blend of highest vibrations Lemurian Clear Quartz and platinum, to create its iridescent appearance. Despite its petite size this Clear Quartz has the most powerful healing properties of any crystal – this is a stone that everyone should have in their collection, I always say if you want to give a crystal as a gift, you can’t go wrong with Clear Quartz.

Clear Quartz is a master healer and it intensifies the properties of other crystals that it is near. In this bundle this crystal will only intensify the loving properties of it’s Rose Quartz companions.

Because of its amazing energetic properties gridding with Clear Quartz is one of the best ways to use it, it would be perfect in in areas of relaxation such as the bedroom.

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