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Calcite Combo
Calcite Combo
Calcite Combo

Calcite Combo

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Two of my favorite calcite varieties together and these beauties make the perfect duo. 

All calcite is powerful when it comes to negative energy cleansing in the auric field as well as in the living space. It is awesome for accelerating spiritual growth and at the same time keeping the chakra system clear and free flowing. It calms the mind and motivates the spirit, such an incredible crystal. 

Blue Calcite is the stone of rest and relaxation. It soothes the negative energy right on out with its clear but gentle vibration. 

Pink Calcite brings the heart out of the past and into the present moment. It aids self acceptance and the letting go of “what should be”. It helps address trauma and stress of all kinds, but is especially caring when it comes to the heart chakra. I believe this stone is excellent for those resisting love or being loved in the way they deserve. 

I’m sure you’ll enjoy both of these as part of your new collection. Each piece is cleansed using methods particular to my practice and charged with clean, high vibration energy.