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Celestite 7
Celestite 7

Celestite 7

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Celestite is one of my favorite stones for crystal gridding the bedroom, promoting deeper sleep, calming a mental energy spin and for imparting  wholehearted, honest communication. 

It works to “get to the bottom” of conflict so that conflict resolution can be thorough and efficient. It imparts truth via divine light and by opening the Throat Chakra. Place it on the Third Eye (or depending on the size of the stone), in the palms during meditation. 

This blue beauty advances dream recall and draws on the intuition. If you’re starting your spiritual journey, it’s gentle vibrations are ideal. Opening the holder to spiritual growth is Celestite’s favorite job. 

I’ve selected smooth egg shaped pieces that are comfortable to hold and look beautiful when displayed. I sleep with one in my bedroom every night and believe it’s one of the quintessential, must-have, stones for any crystal lover.