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Aragonite Tower 3

Aragonite Tower 3

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Aragonite comes in many forms, but this dazzling beauty is definitely one of my favorites. This crystal beauty works on EMF and geopathic stress. It is extremely grounding and a true cleanser of chakras and any subsequent blockages. It urges the holder to explore past traumas and teaches acceptance. If you identify as an empath it helps to buffer sensitivity when energetic vibration becomes overwhelming. Aragonite facilitates genesis of mind and body and aids meditation. This stone would be excellent in an office, near a computer, or anywhere relaxation and energetic cleansing is needed. 


This is a highly spiritual stone that I just love to use to maintain a strong connection to your Guides and Source. This one is an underrated favorite for emotional transitions. Lately, this has been my go to for clients who are coping with difficult endings or goodbyes. This would be a wonderful piece to gift someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one or a relationship as well as someone who may be making a big move or job change. It does so by not only bringing a softer energy to difficult emotions, but also by working directly on the Throat Chakra. With daily hustle and bustle, it’s commonplace to suppress these emotions or push them to the side to be dealt with “later.” Aragonite amplifies the power of releasing emotion through vocalization and harnesses the power of the spoken word. This one pairs beautifully with any Heart Chakra stone in meditation alongside this. Additionally, this one works to bring out your compassionate nature and gives patience to those who often find themselves as the “shoulder to cry on” for those around them. It eases some of this emotional burden and strengthens our fortitude around lending support in this way.

Towers help in keeping you sharp and focused. When crystals are shaped into points, they’re perfect for directing and magnifying energies. Points will bounce energy upward and outward. I use them when gridding the home and spaces around me. I love the feeling of the energy pinging off crystals in my home and spaces around me. Focus their point towards you to draw energy in and away from you to release any unwanted energy away from you. You can also use points to amplify your manifestations. I do this by folding my manifestations four times and then placing the paper underneath the point or tower.

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