Arfvedsonite Manifestation Stack
Arfvedsonite Manifestation Stack
Arfvedsonite Manifestation Stack
Arfvedsonite Manifestation Stack

Arfvedsonite Manifestation Stack

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Arfvedsonite naturally occurs with Sugilite often. There’s no surprise there as Sugilite is incredible for manifestation and imparting an optimistic view when it comes time for sudden change or unpleasant matters. Sugilite also shares a love of truth much like Arfvedsonite. For years, it was thought that the speckles in Dalmatian Stone were Black Tourmaline, but in fact researchers recently discovered that these markings are Arfvedsonite inclusions. It is no wonder that Dalmatian Stone is such a supportive companion for life changes and offers such a grounding vibration.

Arfvedsonite is a rare, manifestation stone that offers a supercharged energetic vibration. It may take you time to get used to the strength of this one, and I recommend building it into your routine over time to allow it to incorporate its energy into your spiritual system over time. It allows you to maintain a sense of decorum while dealing with stressful situations. It supports you as you calm yourself emotionally and allows you to prioritize the task at hand so that you can fully process your emotions in the appropriate time and space.

Arfvedsonite works directly on the Throat and Third Eye chakras. This is a stone of spiritual growth and higher purpose. It is useful for enhancing psychic abilities and optimism about the future. When you are in need of restructuring or reorganizing your life, Arfvedsonite is an excellent support for this. It allows you to anchor your highest purpose to your path and supports alignment within oneself. Its manifestation capabilities are unmatched and it’s a profound companion as you work on channeling and honoring your intuition. It serves as a bridge between your light body and your Divine Support system.

Sugilite is the stone of love and consciousness. It is super clearing for the charkas and promotes a free flowing light body. This one is also all about living one’s truth and provides a deep, unwavering connection to the Crown Chakra. This highly protective stone is incredible for use when it comes to shock and abrupt change. It really imparts an optimistic view when it comes to unpleasant matters. But my favorite part of this stone is that it helps to tap into the soul’s desire so that those difficult questions can be answered. Paired with its deep rooted Crown Chakra resonation, Sugilite is excellent for dream recall, manifestation and tuning into the untapped dream state. 

Dalmatian Stone is like a super grounding, warm hug. It’s ultra comforting and grounds the light body easily and seamlessly. It encourages creative thinking and adventure while still maintaining boundaries. This one gently sweeps chakras and Aligns them where needed. This would be a perfect stone for change like relocations, a new baby or even a new job. It will gently urge the wearer to take it slow and steady rather than attach to a quick outcome. The unique and naturally occurring pattern make it a crowd favorite.

Bracelet construction is simple, but sturdy, with the highest quality elastic. This stack features 4-5mm natural Sugilite nugget stone beads, 6mm Arfvedsonite beads, and 4mm Dalmatian Stone beads. Every one of my bracelets is cleansed using specific methods to my practice and charged with Reiki. Only the most high quality materials are used. Please see Policies and Disclaimers for restring and exchange information prior to your purchase. 

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