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Calcite and Aragonite Cluster 3

Calcite and Aragonite Cluster 3

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This calcite, is linked to higher consciousness and mental growth. Think of it as a facilitator of the emotional and intellectual energies in the body, it truly brings balance.

All calcite is powerful when it comes to negative energy cleansing in the auric field as well as in the living space. It is awesome for accelerating spiritual growth and at the same time keeping the chakra system clear and free flowing. It calms the mind and motivates the spirit, such an incredible crystal. 

Think of calcite as a filter for those who are energetically sensitive and seeking a pure balance between your emotional and intellectual bodies. With a high vibration and profound transmutational energy, it sifts through negative energies and returns a more positive light in exchange. It offers auric protection and soothes the emotional body by alleviating the edge of psychic stimuli. Calcite will allow the user to remain calm and soft when dealing with emotional situations. This promotes a healthier, more harmonious discourse between thoughts and feelings.

Calcite is an active crystal, so it hastens progression and growth. As such, it’s excellent when paired with other crystals and when manifesting. Calcite quickens spiritual development. For energetic practitioners, it works to clear blockages and allow for clairvoyant and telepathic gifts to be accessed. It may also assist in astray journeys. Calcite is also useful for work around dreams: dream recall, lucid dreaming, and accessing meaningful dreams. When placed under a pillow or on your bedside table, it can enhance the vividness of dreams and increase clarity on dream meaning. It promotes intuition and inner sight.

Calcite is the stone of rest and relaxation. It soothes the negative energy right on out with its clear but gentle vibration. It aids in clear communication by working with the throat chakra to help you speak your truth.  It also acts as a filter by absorbing negative energy, cleansing it, and returning it to benefit the sender. 

Aragonite is extremely grounding and a true cleanser of chakras and any subsequent blockages. It urges the holder to explore past traumas and teaches acceptance. If you identify as an empath it helps to buffer sensitivity when energetic vibration becomes overwhelming. Aragonite facilitates genesis of mind and body and aids meditation. 

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