Chakra Clearing Set

Chakra Clearing Set

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This isn't your basic chakra set, these 7 powerful beauties do double duty on clearing the chakras.

This set includes Clear Quartz, Ferruginous Quartz, Chalcedony, Infinite Stone, Peruvian Pink Quartz, Bird's Eye Jasper, and Hematite. 

Clear Quartz - The Crown Chakra

Clear Quartz is a master healer and releases a profound cleansing energy that truly serves as a beacon of light for clearing and refurbishing to occur. It has the natural ability to bring balance to all the Chakras, connects our physical and mental bodies, and removes distractions during meditation. It works on the individual vibrational level of the user and returns the energy to a neutral state.

Ferruginous Quartz - The Third Eye Chakra

This rare beauty is also called Eisenkiesel, German for "iron pebble," and I just love the way it sweeps and opens up the Third Eye. While it's Hematite inclusions certainly give it a delightful color and a grounding impact, this one is just dripping in intuition boosting energy. This is NOT the same as Orange or Tangerine Quartz, as those stones are colored by a coating of iron oxides that can easily be rubbed off or dissolved with acid, revealing a white or colorless stone underneath. These coatings occur after a crystal is formed and do not influence the stones formation or internal properties the way that Eisenkiesel does. Even the smallest piece of this stone facilitates the clearest meditation, settling anxiety and balancing the chakras. It pushes the most harmonious energy to your field and allows for the clearest messages to come through from your guides. 

Chalcedony - The Throat Chakra

This soothing chalcedony works on the Throat chakra and helps to bring the emotions into harmony. It eases self doubt, negative thought patterns and dissipates negativity from within so that it doesn’t get passed onto another. It is one of the best stones for transmuting energy.  I find that it is also great for collective energy in group settings and aims to impart calm in times of uncertainty or change.

Infinite Stone - The Heart Chakra

This soothing stone is incredible for leveling imbalance. It assists in clearing relationship baggage and speaking one’s truth clearly. If you are dealing with unresolved interpersonal issues or are coming up against a possible confrontation of those issues, Infinite Stone eases this by funneling energy productively rather than a way that may cause more contention in the future. Yes, it’s really that great and I’ve found that it works personally. This Heart Chakra stone is a favorite of mine. 

Peruvian Pink Quartz - The Solar Plexus Chakra

Peruvian Pink Quartz is the softest blend of Rhodochrosite and Quartz, and the resulting vibration is absolutely sensational. This one does double duty on the Solar Plexus, Star Seed, and Heart Chakras, and the energy it sends off is so tender. As Quartz is included in this stone, the vibration of this one is so powerful and it activates our Power Center with such incredible intensity. It contains manganese, which contributes to its Earthy energy and connection to Gaia. 

Bird's Eye Jasper - The Sacral Chakra

Bird's Eye Jasper is a type of Rhyolite and really pushes big picture thinking. While Jasper is commonly praised as a stone of wisdom and tranquility, this variety activates your creative expression. It empowers you to take challenges and projects on with vigor. Its soft vibration connects to your sensual power and natural ability to attract. 

Hematite - The Root Chakra

Hematite does its diligence to ground its wearer. Think of Hematite as the anchor holding the feet firmly to their sacred ground. Hematite works on the Chakras and Light Body so as to clear away any unnecessary distraction, or scattered or foggy feelings. It’s the quintessential stone for clearing the auric field as well.

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