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Namibian Tourmaline 6
Namibian Tourmaline 6

Namibian Tourmaline 6

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Namibian Tourmaline is my personal favorite variety of Black Tourmaline. It’s hearty density and rich  color make it (in my opinion) one of the most grounding varieties I’ve used. It doesn’t need any cleansing or much charging, which makes it a stone I use just about every day.

Tourmaline is often utilized for warding off negative energy, clearing clogs and static within the chakras. It’s great for energetically grounding those highly empathic individuals with the need for a deeper tether to Gaia energy. If you find yourself stressed by crowded places, or exhausted emotionally after group events then this just might be the variety of Tourmaline you  

All of my crystals come cleansed and charged with Reiki energy.