Vesta Flame Bundle
Vesta Flame Bundle
Vesta Flame Bundle
Vesta Flame Bundle

Vesta Flame Bundle

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Our Vesta bundle includes a Petite Black Marble Tower, a raw Pearl of Divine Fire personal piece, and a gorgeous Garnet Palm Stone.

Black Marble

There's something about channeling Vesta energy for manifestation that just excites me. I love Black Marble for this because it's truly a stone of manifestation and meditation. I'm serious. This one puts you into a near perfect state of meditation. I'm talking suspension levels in both meditation and in more sensual activities. It is useful for mastery of thought and in harnessing the power of your sexual energy. Vesta is all about Sacral and Solar Plexus energy and Black Marble is an underrated assistant for this. 

Pearl of Divine Fire

Derived of a meteorite landing over the Indonesian archipelago, this Agni Manitite Tektite is a rare and potent iron tektite. The mineral that resulted was named from the ancient Sanskrit term “Agni Mani,” which translates to “Pearl of Divine Fire.” As most pieces of Agni Manitite are now under water, this stone is extremely rare to come by. It is highly sought after due to its profoundly healing Sacral energy.

This is a stone of initiation and transforming potential into manifestation. As it amplifies your creativity and adventurous energy, it feeds that energy to your manifestations. Paired with an increase in confidence, this Pearl of Divine Fire allows you to channel your energy and focus into the dream or task that you desire. For those on the path to spiritual awakening, Agni Manitite will be the piece necessary for transformation of the self and inner processes. This stone resonates with the Solar Plexus chakra and allows you to assess your energy and personal strengths at accelerated speeds. This incredible piece will ignite change quickly, therefore it should be handled with care and due to its sacred nature, reverence as well. 

The Pearl of Fire appears very dark until exposed to a back light. When lit, the Pearl of Fire transmits a unique smoky color.

I love this particular stone for directing clients to making personal choices that will bring true joy and fulfillment and those who are perpetually stuck in unyielding cycles. This change can feel uncomfortable at first. Pearl of Divine Fire protects against negative energy while allowing positive vibrations to be magnified. 


Garnet is a powerful chakra energizer and cleanser. Garnet expands past life recall, stimulates the rise of kundalini, and brings courage in times of trouble. My favorite part about this stone is that this is the stone of commitment and is said to strengthen and balance sex drive. Tuck a Garnet stone in your pocket or bra on date night or incorporate it in your day to day to amplify your natural magnetic ability to attract.

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