Divinely Feminine Gift Bundle

Divinely Feminine Gift Bundle

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Included in this gift bundle is our Pink Botswana Agate bracelet, Selenite Moon bowl, candle, petite clearing bundle, and an intuitively selected certainty stone!

Pink Botswana Agate Bracelet

Botswana Agate's peaceful, calming vibration has been pretty incredible. This particular agate resonates with those affected by or working with fire and smoke. In conjunction with traditional therapies, it is also often used to help with smoking cessation. Although I haven’t had experience with those attributes, I can whole heartedly confirm its calming rays and effectiveness on anger and frustration. This little beauty helps her holder see the bigger picture without getting hung up on details. Think, after a hard day this would be the perfect stone to help unwind and let go. It allows you to release negative attachment and stay unbothered and in your own lane.

Bracelet construction is simple, but sturdy, with the highest quality elastic and natural stone beads. Every one of my bracelets is cleansed using specific methods to my practice and charged with Reiki. Only the most high quality materials are used. 

Please see Policies and Disclaimers for restring and exchange information prior to your purchase. 

Selenite Moon Bowl

Selenite is my go to for mental clarity and anxiety. It clears out the clouded mind, and has the pure vibration that is essential for mediation. It is one of the most power crystals on earth and holds a special vibration for our modern, fast paced times. Great care should be used around water however, due to the delicate nature of selenite.

I love to use Moon pieces when I’m inviting the goddess Selene into my ritual work. Selene is the Greek goddess of the Moon and you guessed it, what Selenite is named after. She wears a crown of a crescent moon on top of her head and rides a chariot through the night sky. Selene is associated with bringing light to the night sky and protecting those in darkness. When I invoke Selene in my ritual or meditation, I like to cradle a moon slice and ask for her guidance and ask that she reveal hidden truths and misalignment. I just love the way the crescent shape feels in my hand and this enhances connection to the stone.

My Metaphysical Maven Signature Candle

The toxin free, 100% soy wax candle features a natural cotton wick and is packaged in a glass container that is recyclable and reusable. The Durham Currant scent, straight from the Peloponnese Peninsula, is ultra comforting and has an alluring balance of tart and sweet that is just delicious. When you reach the bottom of your candle’s 30 hour burn time, you’ll find Lemurian crystal pieces waiting for you at the bottom.

Rosemary Clearing Bundle

Smoke cleansing is an invaluable part of my personal practice and my offering to in-person clients. This ancient practice has been found in almost every culture, and whether the intention is to create a clean, peaceful space, connect with spirit, or eliminate negative energy, these rituals offer spiritual significance. 

There are so many burnables that can be used, but for me, Rosemary meets just about every need I have when smoke cleansing. It is both protective and cleansing, and offers a loving, healing, feminine energy. It soothes the central nervous system like no other, provides psychic protection, boosts intuition, and connects with the heart. Its resonance with the Third Eye chakra offers up spiritual clarity. Rosemary’s Latin origin means “drew of the sea.” 

In the Middle Ages, it was used during wedding ceremonies in the headpieces of the bride and groom and a sprig was worn by each guest. According to Greek legend, Rosemary was draped around Aphrodite as she rose from the sea during her birth. This, along with a soft feminine energy, contributes to Rosemary’s association with love.

Intuitively Selected Certainty Stone

Certainty Stones are rounded, polished stones that, when held in the palm, provide stillness and connection between the spiritual body and the energy of the crystal. They are ideal for meditation and for conveniently carrying our favorite stones with us during travels and daily activities. They are useful to energy practitioners and for regeneration purposes during sleep.

There are so many wonderful ways to use these stones, and I always encourage those considering a new stone to start with the energy of a certainty or palm stone to see how it resonates. These are the perfect way to carry your favorite in your pocket or purse. It keeps you aligned with the energetic intention you’ve set for the stone, especially if it’s one that’s new to you.

These stones are also fantastic meditation companions. Place your palm stone in your left hand to receive and in your right hand to dispel. Similarly, you would place the stone in your left hand to receive information and in your right to send information out. Holding one in each hand created a state of balance during meditation.

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"I cannot tell you how much you’ve helped me…I wasn’t able to find my closure and you handed it to me. I needed a direction… and you’ve produced that for me."


"I’ve been purchasing your crystals…incorporating them into my meditation practice and I’m making all kinds of brand-new breakthroughs in my healing and evolution."


"I haven’t taken my rhodochrosite bracelet off since I got it from you and I went from feeling helplessly sad and lost, to feeling WORLDS better. So much healing has taken place."

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