Live Course Intensive - Shadow Work and Integration with Zoe Valette
Live Course Intensive - Shadow Work and Integration with Zoe Valette

Live Course Intensive - Shadow Work and Integration with Zoe Valette

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  • Our newest live course spans a journey into the depths of the shadow in order to dissolve fear and access the heights of intuition, self trust, and connection with spirit. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this course was born four years ago when I found myself at the bottom of a well that had run dry. I had been filling this well in vain, with anything I could, in order to keep it full. When my marriage fell apart it became apparent this well was empty, leaving me with no choice but to find myself again. Unbeknownst to me, this time I would become more grounded, more authentic, and more capable. At the time I thought my life was over, now I realize it was this storm and it’s catalyst rain that would fill my well again. And with help from one person in particular, fill it did. 
  • That person was my EMDR therapist, coach and mentor, Zoe Valette. She is a Certified EMDR therapist, LICSW, trained energy psychotherapist, trained hypnotherapist, trained Reiki practitioner, and trained shamanic healing practitioner. We connected during one of the most trying times of my life, and she continues to guide me to deeply connect with myself and my gifts. Her work has helped me to grow in a direction I didn’t think was possible. When she agreed to create a course together, I was absolutely beside myself. She is no longer taking clients and has begun to focus her energy in a direction toward teaching and collective connection. You can get to know this beautiful human HERE if you’re curious about her experience and accolades. But I’ll be honest though, speaking to her is something that can’t fully be described no matter how much I write about it. 
  • When it comes to integrating the shadow, Zoe’s practice has been the integral part of my healing. In our sessions, she has used EMDR tools and other energy psychology tools for the purpose of rewiring the subconscious and neural networks. No matter how hard I tried, she simply wouldn’t let me bypass the work. We examined my shadow with curiosity and she helped me to realize I don’t need to be the ultimate expert in order to fulfill my purpose on this plane. It truly became part of my belief system that I was enough, finally enough. She did this by helping me remove shame and ego blocks, look into my archetypes with compassion, and discover how I feel power in this world, so that I could begin to trust myself and my gifts. Simply put, this work has helped me to deeply connect to my intuition and distinguish it from my fear, the fear that had been programmed into me all my life. 
  • So here we are, passing this onto you in a course I’m both excited and terrified about. Over zoom, we will journey deep within to emerge on a different vibration and that will require me to be vulnerable once again. For that reason and for client privacy, we will not be recording these sessions for playback and there will be no real way to make up missed classes. There is pure magic that gets created when we bring a group of individuals like yourself together. Each class will involve specific lessons, transformative meditation, self assessment and homework assignments. Offerings will include, but are not limited to:
  • looking at the shadow with curiosity
  • identifying the shadow archetype with compassion
  • shadow examination and using this energy to go deep into the Torus Field
  • examining themes of people pleasing, hyper vigilance, victim narrative, and self assessment through comparison
  • identifying power dynamics in relationship to the caregiver wound
  • diving into how one feels power in the world and why this may be the case
  • connecting to components of self trust in order to change in a soft, meaningful and permanent way
  • disavowing versus deriving the shadow statement
  • continued exploration of personal narrative shift and physical resonance
  • truly understanding intuition versus fear based messages
  • physical resonance (how does intuition present in you body)
  • body wisdom
  • a deep understanding of intuition versus anxiety in our modern day
  • integrating EMDR tools
  • creating a pathway to overcome doubt, shame and guilt
  • learning techniques to dissolve blocking beliefs 
  • transmuting whatever comes up individually during class
  • beginning to integrate the shadow
  • redirecting focus so that spiritual bypassing does not occur
  • and much, much more that can only fully be described through the sacred alchemy that occurs during a group experience such as this 
  • As you gain self trust through out this course, we will follow with instruction as to how to integrate and own new found beliefs and information in order to live your highest timeline possible. The entire purpose will be to create an ultimate flow of harmony toward manifestation. By embodying a different way of being and feeling safe to be authentic, we begin to live the life we never thought we could. Yes, that is what this work has done for me and before I close one chapter and embark on the three year journey that Saturn in Pisces has for all of us, I wanted to offer this course for those ready to dive in deep.
  • Here are the syllabus and dates offered. We truly hope to see you there.
March 18, 2023 10am -12pm EST
Lesson One/Orientation
March 20th 8 - 9pm EST
Spring Equinox Meditation and Ceremony
Lesson follow up and Q and A
March 25th 10am - 12pm EST
Lesson Two
March 29th 8 - 9pm EST
Somatic Guidance and Meditation
Lesson follow up and Q and A
April 1st 10am - 12pm EST
Lesson Three
April 5th 
NO meeting
You will receive a LENGTHY recorded guided meditation for the purpose of a self guided journey into transformation. This is a self guided intensive that facilitates the higher self connection and is urged to be completed in a scared space on one’s own on divine time. This is yours to keep and refer to. 
April 8th 10-12pm
Lesson Four
Each lesson will be driven and guided by intuition, connection, and love. Participants are strongly urged to take notes and complete this course in a quiet space. Peer group checkin will be offered in a separate virtual meeting space should that feel comfortable and aligned for those in attendance. 


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