Grief Bundle

Grief Bundle

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This is the most commonly requested crystal prescription request across social media platforms, whether it be for personal struggle or a gift to a friend who has lost a loved one. This bundle includes a Clear Quartz Raw Chunk, Lepidolite Raw Chunk, Blue Calcite Raw Chunk, Selenite Point, Rose Quartz Certainty Stone, Petite Rhodonite Pyramid, Two Angel Aura Quartz Pieces, and a Petite Rosemary Clearing Bundle. It’s what I would give my best friend experiencing  a loss, so it’s what I’m recommending here. 

Clear Quartz Raw Chunk

This gorgeous glassy Clear Quartz releases a profound cleansing energy that truly serves as a beacon of light for clearing and refurbishing to occur. Clear Quartz has the natural ability to bring balance to all the chakras.

Lepidolite Raw Chunk

Lepidolite is just a powerhouse when it comes to boosting intuition and calming anxious energy. It buffers electromagnetic pollution so it’s perfect to use if you use a computer for work. Lepidolite also contains lithium so it’s urges grounded energy and points the wearer how to best calm anxious, low, or misaligned energy. 

Blue Calcite Raw Chunk

This blue calcite is linked to higher consciousness and mental growth. Think of it as a facilitator of the emotional and intellectual energies in the body, it truly brings balance. All Calcite is powerful when it comes to negative energy cleansing in the auric field as well as in the living space. It is awesome for accelerating spiritual growth and at the same time keeping the chakra system clear and free flowing. It calms the mind and motivates the spirit, such an incredible crystal. 

Think of Blue Calcite as a filter for those who are energetically sensitive and seeking a pure balance between your emotional and intellectual bodies. With a high vibration and profound transmutational energy, it sifts through negative energies and returns a more positive light in exchange. It offers auric protection and soothes the emotional body by alleviating the edge of psychic stimuli. Blue Calcite will allow the user to remain calm and soft when dealing with emotional situations. This promotes a healthier, more harmonious discourse between thoughts and feelings.

Blue Calcite is an active crystal, so it hastens progression and growth. As such, it’s excellent when paired with other crystals and when manifesting. Blue Calcite quickens spiritual development. For energetic practitioners, it works to clear blockages and allow for clairvoyant and telepathic gifts to be accessed. It may also assist in astray journeys. Blue Calcite is also useful for work around dreams: dream recall, lucid dreaming, and accessing meaningful dreams. When placed under a pillow or on your bedside table, it can enhance the vividness of dreams and increase clarity on dream meaning. It promotes intuition and inner sight.

Blue Calcite is the stone of rest and relaxation. It soothes the negative energy right on out with its clear but gentle vibration. It aids in clear communication by working with the throat chakra to help you speak your truth.  It also acts as a filter by absorbing negative energy, cleansing it, and returning it to benefit the sender. 

Selenite Point

Selenite is my go to for mental clarity and anxiety. It clears out the clouded mind, and has the pure vibration that is essential for mediation. It is one of the most power crystals on earth and holds a special vibration for our modern, fast paced times. Great care should be used around water with the spheres however, due to the delicate nature of selenite.  This tower is a great addition to grid your space. 

Rose Quartz Certainty Stone

When we talk Rose Quartz, we often talk love. Sure, there’s undoubtedly a deeply loving energy around this stone, but there is also a goddess energy that is directly tied to the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine transcends gender; it’s a spiritual energy that we all have within us no matter how we identify. It is connected closely with qualities like intuition, creativity, compassion, and energetic restoration. The mythology associated with Rose Quartz is connected to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, lust, and beauty. When she became infatuated with the mortal Adonis, this brought about the envy of Ares, who did what any reasonably jealous ex would do and transformed into a wild boar to fatally wound Adonis. Aphrodite pleaded with Adonis, a skilled hunter, to not go into the forest and take on such a dangerous sport. Ares knew this is where Adonis would be most vulnerable and attacked him in this moment. As Aphrodite quickly descended to help Adonis, she cut herself on the thorns of a briar bush and began to bleed. The fusion of the lovers’ blood, as Aphrodite held Adonis dying in her arms, stained a nearby Quartz pink. This is what gave the Rose Quartz its rosy, blush tone. Taking sympathy upon the two, Zeus showed compassion and brought Adonis back to Aphrodite for 6 months every year. The themes of reconciliation, undying love, empathy, and compassion of this stone are reflected in its mythology.

Also called the Heart Stone, there’s no surprise that Rose Quartz's loving vibes are calming and reassuring. It provides protection and healing at the finest level. It encourages all kinds of relationships by amplifying self-love, a crucial component in any relationship. This provides space for the user to be compassionate and gentle with themselves and others. In addition to providing reassurance and joy, it also banishes codependency, jealousy, and mistrust. It gets to the root of resonance so that energetic protection can be seamless as we no longer attract low vibration.

Petite Rhodonite Pyramid

Rhodonite is an incredible stone that clears and stimulates the Heart Chakra. It grounds, balances and taps into highest potential. Through soul work and meditation, it lends a supportive energy to feelings of shock and panic. it promotes unselfish love and ultimately forgiveness as it helps to build confidence in the wearer. I recommend this stone to clients who are going through painful separations as this is truly a breakup stone, especially when ending toxic and unhealthy connections. It works diligently to clear out emotional wounding from past contracts that just won’t seem to go away. Release of this stubborn wounding allows for a higher, effortless vibration to come in and truly warms the Auric body. This stone truly allows you to reclaim your heart space as your own. This then permits you to send love back out as your most genuine, authentic self. As we repair past wounds, Rhodonite is the perfect companion to begin to let down our walls and trust again, both in ourselves and in others.

Two Angel Aura Quartz Pieces

This particular variety of Aura Quartz involves a special blend of highest vibrations Lemurian Quartz and platinum, to create an iridescent appearance. This beautiful stone works deeply on the emotional and light bodies, to sooth, relax, and vibrationally raise the holder. This piece clears and soothes like none other. When used for meditation, this particular type of Aura Quartz connects to divine guides and higher realms. It is especially helpful for those who have a “difficult” time meditating. 

Petite Rosemary Clearing Bundle

Our Petite Rosemary clearing bundle is simple but impactful. This one is comforting, cleansing and ultra powerful for use prior to meditation as it really opens up the Heart, Solar Plexus, and Throat Chakra. As I walk through a space, I like to state the mantra, "In love and light, I cleanse this space." It is essential for resetting the intention of a current state or clearing out previous energy from a new space. 

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