Yellow Honey Fluorite Points
Yellow Honey Fluorite Points

Yellow Honey Fluorite Points

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Hello Honey! Golden Honey Fluorite is known as the “Genius Stone” and is sensational for bringing about both our emotional intelligence and intellect and acts as a bridge between the two. Seriously, this one just melts our intuition and our logic together in the most seamless, aligned way possible. As such, this one is actually fantastic for relationships, whether that be romantic, plutonic, or professional. It allows you to bring objectivity into emotionally charged relationship dynamics, while bringing out your soft, empathetic nature in more rigid professional dynamics. 

In my personal use, Honey Fluorite assists me in not letting my “mamma bear” instincts run wild when it comes to my children and using my logic and intuition hand in hand to make decisions about how I raise them. It also allows me to run my business from a heart centered, grounded energy while still maintaining a productive brand. It’s fantastic for bringing a positive, cohesive energy into group settings. 

This stone allows you to filter information on an intuitive and intellectual level, synthesize, and then provide a practical, meaningful application. This piece is helpful for those in therapeutic settings, as it allows you to work through complex issues with support and discernment. This is also an outstanding stone for students as it is incredibly intellectual and works on the memory and retaining new information. It tackles distraction and disorganization simultaneously. This one is soothing for test taking anxiety and clearing away mental fog so that the user can focus on the task at hand. Furthermore, it works directly on the Solar Plexus Chakra and gives us a creative boost. This one is fantastic for writer’s block, vision boards, design, and any field that involves creative mental efforts.

Honey Fluorite is such a personal stone. It really gets to know your truest desires and intent, and aligns your mind with focused energy in that direction. She’s incredibly supportive about this by raising awareness around one’s limiting, self-imposed beliefs, combatting negative self-talk, and releasing the urge to compare. Honey Fluorite gently urges us out of this negative vibration and into one of empowerment.

I was really excited to be able to get my hands on these in mini point form. When crystals are shaped into points or towers, they’re perfect for directing and magnifying energies. Points will bounce energy upward and outward. I use them when gridding the home and spaces around me, and I love feeling the energy ping off crystals in my home. Points are wonderful facilitators of this, and you can use them to amplify your manifestations and really set an intentional energy around you. 

This listing is for one intuitively selected Golden Honey Fluorite point. These pieces were selected for their incredible movement, depth of color, and vibration. 

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