Hot Girl Summer Bundle
Hot Girl Summer Bundle

Hot Girl Summer Bundle

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This bundle brings out the best of Carnelian, Golden Healer, and Fire Quartz for an ultra confident, super healing vibration.

Faceted Carnelian Bracelet & Skin to Skin Carnelian Charka Stone: This is a stone of vitality and calm. Carnelian banishes fear and envy and urges motivation and a love of present reality. It promotes courage and creativity.  Carnelian is the go-to stone for self trust and your perception of self as it helps you discern what makes you tick.  It gets to the bottom of what drives you and asks you to trust that fully. Its confidence boosting vibration is incredible.  

Golden Healer Heart: The Golden Healer Quartz has incredibly high vibe and you can feel its effects right away. It beckons the holder to slow down and allow the Chakras to release any blockages. Yes, it’s that powerful. Comprised of the cleanest, most grounding, Universal light, its golden rays work diligently on the Crown and Solar Plexus. It is also the stone for connecting to “the one." But full disclosure, “the one” isn’t always who you assume. This stone facilitates love at the soul connection level. It may be time to open up to love, are you ready?

Its color and movement comes from a naturally occurring Iron Oxide coating in between layers of Quartz crystal. What makes these pieces unique is that this color never rubs off as it exists within the stone. Each piece has been selected for its deeper golden color and movement and cleansed using techniques specific to my practice.

Fire Quartz Heart: Hematoid Fire Quartz is made up of Silicon Dioxide (Quartz) with deposits of Hematite, Geothite, and Limorite. Normally, Hematite inclusions would show up as black, but when you polish Quartz to reveal the clarity of the crystal, the true intensity of Hematite inclusions come through. As such, each piece is then uniquely influenced by its makeup of Hematite.

The inclusion of Hemaite in this Quartz has a serious impact on its energetic properties. Here, we get the benefits of Quartz’s powerful frequencies and the stability of Hematite, which leads to a nice balance. This Fire Quartz is known for amplification and is an excellent tool for manifestation, moon phase rituals, and vision boards. It provides foresight around the emotions and allows you to ask yourself if you’re having an unconscious reaction or a conscious response. It achieves this by transmuting negative energies and ridding imbalances. As this can be an incredibly calming stone, space is created for the user to engage in rational thinking and decision making. I always love the way this rock helps me maintain my softness and grace even in the most challenging circumstances. Fire Quartz acts as a grounding anchor for high frequency energy workers and can assist in integration of the shadow and light self. It is good for work around self esteem and self worth and focuses on the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus chakras.

Fire Quartz is often known as a stone of focus and concentration. The calming nature of this combination allows you to stay grounded and calm when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the size or amount of tasks at hand. The result of a quiet mind is always space to process which is something we all need. As such, it’s an excellent resource for those with short attention spans or for use when you’re having a difficult time concentrating on a project.

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"I haven’t taken my rhodochrosite bracelet off since I got it from you and I went from feeling helplessly sad and lost, to feeling WORLDS better. So much healing has taken place."

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