Inner Child Set

Inner Child Set

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I created this set with the inner child work in mind. It’s comprised of some gorgeous colors and powerful vibration. Amazonite, Sugilite, Chalcedony, Herkimer Diamond, Clear Quartz, and Kunzite all come together in fresh form to connect past and present. Whether it’s reparenting, self realization, or radical self acceptance this set touches on it all.

Amazonite helps to filter information on an intuitive level. The logical mind and the intuitive senses are urged to work together with Amazonite. It soothes fear and help to process trauma. It is a stone of universal love and higher consciousness. 

Sugilite is the stone of love and consciousness. It is super clearing for the charkas and promotes a free flowing light body. This one is also all about living one’s truth and provides a deep, unwavering connection to the Crown Chakra. This highly protective stone is incredible for use when it comes to shock and abrupt change. It really imparts an optimistic view when it comes to unpleasant matters. But my favorite part of this stone is that it helps to tap into the soul’s desire so that those difficult questions can be answered. Paired with its deep rooted Crown Chakra resonation, Sugilite is excellent for dream recall, manifestation and tuning into the untapped dream state. 

Delicate chalcedony works on the throat chakra and helps to bring the emotions into harmony. It eases self doubt, negative thought patterns and dissipates negativity from within so that it doesn’t get passed onto another. It is one of the best stones for transmuting energy.  I find that it is also great for collective energy in group settings and aims to impart calm in times of uncertainty or change. 

Nestled in between dainty Chalcedony beads is a Herkimer Diamond. 

Herkimer Diamonds have such a special place in my heart. They are just so full of light energy and stimulate spiritual gifts in a way that resonates with so many. A Herkimer will stimulate attunement to the higher self and divine support system by clearing the chakras so that spiritual guidance can be channeled more clearly. It links two people together so share two stones with a partner or friend when you are apart. This stone works really well on geopathic stress and would make an excellent gift for those undergoing surgery or chemotherapy. 

Clear Quartz releases a profound cleansing energy that truly serves as a beacon of light for clearing and refurbishing to occur. Clear Quartz has the natural ability to bring balance to all the chakras.

Kunzite just radiates love. It is a high vibration crystal that encourages compassion, humility and service. It helps the wearer to adjust to the pressures of life and helps to reduce anxiety. This heart chakra activator does it all and it’s soft pink/lavender hue is just gorgeous.

Bracelet construction is simple, but sturdy, with the highest quality elastic and natural stone beads. Every one of my bracelets is cleansed using specific methods to my practice and charged with Reiki. Only the most high quality materials are used. 

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