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Intuitively Selected Pistachio Calcite Pyramid
Intuitively Selected Pistachio Calcite Pyramid
Intuitively Selected Pistachio Calcite Pyramid
Intuitively Selected Pistachio Calcite Pyramid
Intuitively Selected Pistachio Calcite Pyramid

Intuitively Selected Pistachio Calcite Pyramid

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Pistachio Calcite offers such a refreshing, honest energy. It’s great for those who are working through major transformations and life changes, especially romantic relationships ending. This stone works hard on balancing emotions as you face a change of heart and helps you process this change, no matter how traumatic it may be.

Pistachio Calcite shifts your awareness to the love that you deserve and away from romanticizing connections and partners that just did not serve you. It’s useful post breakup in clearing away negative emotions and rebalancing your system. This is a good one to have alongside you as you purge your space of remnants of what once consumed you. Whether you’re energetically sensitive or not, this stone is soothing to the emotional body and an excellent companion in relaxation. It supports us as we refocus on the positive and is a wonderful addition to your practice when doing work around transformative affirmations.

Pistachio Calcite is incredible for the Third Eye Chakra and aids in clairvoyance. It emits a gentle blue light around the auric field of the user, activates your dream state, and can even assist in astral travel. It supports dream recall and channeling messages from your guides through the vividness of your dreams. In its use around the throat chakra, this stone works directly on writers and artists block.

The sacred geometry of the pyramid shape is used for laser focus and drawing in energy and transmutation. The perfect shape for energy distribution, a pyramid funnels in the energy associated with its mineralogy and rereleases it back into the environment in a clear and concise vibratory pattern. This ignites transmutation.

It has been recently discovered that the Great Pyramid of Giza captures electromagnetic energy in its chambers and its base. This supports that this particular shape is an energetic phenomenon that is truly of divine nature.

Akin to the super focused energy of a pyramid stone, our own energy then shifts its trajectory to help zero in on changes in the body and the mind. This works in real time and the present moment, which helps us to hold a higher vibration and frequency so that we can keep up with the energies around us.

Hold this gorgeous piece in your hand to create a vortex of energy that will spread to the physical body and auric field. As you focus on the stone it will funnel wisdom and healing by way of universal light.

Place the crystal pyramid in your bedroom, work space, or meditative space in order to focus energy on the task at hand. When gridding the home there is no wrong way to use a pyramid. Surrounding the body with pyramids only amplifies their energy as each piece energetically pings to the other. This cleanses and ignites the aura effortlessly. Meditate with these pieces to amplify intuition or include it in your breath work practice to cleanse the chakras. 

This listing is for one intuitively selected Sea Foam Calcite Pyramid.

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