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Lemurian Lazer Quartz
Lemurian Lazer Quartz

Lemurian Lazer Quartz

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Lemurian Quartz has one of the highest and most refined vibration I’ve ever worked with. It is encoded with information embedded in its striations, and upon stillness this information is released to the holder. Whether it’s a crossroads or simply a tricky time, the Lemurian is ready to serve answers to long standing questions and provide much needed comfort.

This one works on the timeline continuum connecting dots of what once was, to what is, and beyond. This clear beauty is truly a master healer and the perfect companion for meditation. This particular (lazer) variety is excellent for use during pain management and similarly focused meditation. A master healer and a true beauty in its own right, this one belongs in the hands of energetic healers and crystal enthusiasts alike.