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MMM-Celestite 8
MMM-Celestite 8

MMM-Celestite 8

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Celestite has a steady but incredibly high vibration. It’s the perfect stone if you’re beginning your spiritual journey, but it’s also excellent for those who would like to amplify their current spiritual path. I attribute this to the fact that it opens up the third eye. Clients often report tapping deeper into their intuition using this stone during nightly meditation, perhaps this is the awakening of that clairvoyant third eye once again.

I often utilize this stone during my Reiki sessions to soothe and help heal conflict within the self and family unit. As resentment builds, our energy spins at a lower vibration, and it becomes harder to resolve. This stone aids in communication and clear thought, which results in quicker conflict resolution, and then a higher vibration.

When I use different healing modalities or teach clients to employ their own intuition without fear or doubt, this is the stone I turn to. Whether it’s tapping into your spirit guides, streamlining your intuitive thought process, or simply becoming more clear of mind, Celestite offers an incredible avenue for healing and clarity.