New Beginnings Stack
New Beginnings Stack
New Beginnings Stack
New Beginnings Stack

New Beginnings Stack

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Faceted Peruvian Pink Opal, Faceted Aquamarine, Faceted Moonstone, Micro Faceted Rhododochrosite, and Pink Calcite come together to create the ultimate stack for fresh starts and new beginnings. 

Faceted Peruvian Pink Opal aids in feeling centered on a spiritual level. This is mainly because it sweeps out the base and sacral chakras so energy can rise and flow. It will amplify clairsentience and open up the third eye. This is a stone of love, passion and sensuality, but also safety, centered energy and acts as a chakra stabilizer.

Faceted Aquamarine has a vibration which calms and quiets the mind and has an affinity toward sensitive people. It gives support to those affected by too much responsibility and clarifies perception. It also sharpens clairvoyance and intuition, truly one of my favorite third eye opening stones.

Moonstone has been used to enhance psychic abilities as is often the stone of "light workers". It has a powerful calming effect on the emotions, it is instrumental in times of change, and its soft vibration balances the masculine and feminine  energies. 

Micro Faceted Rhodochrosite is my absolute favorite stone for self-love and heart charka healing. Its soft peach hue and varied stone movement makes it super easy to wear with anything. It is a teacher of the heart by helping to remove denial and is said to assist in attracting the soulmate. It also clears the solar plexus and base chakras, thus stimulating emotional release and the confrontation of fear. This incredible stone does it all and is said to be extremely useful when worn on the wrist.

Pink Calcite is a master heart healer. I’ve personally used it with profound success. It is the stone of forgiveness and what I call “heart release”. It urges to love unconditionally and free grief or ill will deeply rooted in the past. This stone is excellent for both times of separation and reconciliation because  it purges deep healing truth. It works to lift nervous tension and dissolves resistance to alignment. This is the stone for those who have suffered trauma in the heart and sacral chakras. I think you’ll love yours just as much as I do.

Bracelet construction is simple, but sturdy, with the highest quality elastic and natural stone beads. Every one of my bracelets is cleansed using specific methods to my practice and charged with Reiki. Only the most high quality materials are used. I am no longer offering complimentary restring/resize service so please be sure to measure the wrist and choose size accordingly. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Please see Policies and Disclaimers for restring and exchange information prior to your purchase.


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