Love and Protect Me Stack

Love and Protect Me Stack

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Delicate Onyx and Tourmaline beads are joined with Herkimer Diamond in this gorgeous little piece. 

Onyx is very grounding and provides an excellent foundation for the brilliant Herkimer to sit. The black onyx beads have cleansing properties that really compliment the luminous stone and allow the vibration of this piece to remain streamlined and constant.  

Herkimer Diamonds have such a special place in my heart. They are just so full of light energy and stimulate spiritual gifts in a way that resonates with so many. A Herkimer will stimulate attunement to the higher self and divine support system by clearing the chakras so that spiritual guidance can be channeled more clearly. It links two people together so share two stones with a partner or friend when you are apart. This stone works really well on geopathic stress.

Tourmaline is an excellent stone for grounding and protection, but it's also an excellent mental healer and energy cleanser. Green inspires creativity, pink assures that it is safe to love and black is an auric protector and in this delicate piece you’ll find all three.

This listing is for two Tourmaline and one Onyx ring.

Each ring is custom made to fit. Please view the drop down menu for sizing as due to the Covid 19 pandemic, ALL SALES ARE FINAL on these pieces. Sizes are indicated in inches below.

S = 2.25”

M = 2.5”

L = 2.75”