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Intuitively Selected Rose Quartz Chunk
Intuitively Selected Rose Quartz Chunk

Intuitively Selected Rose Quartz Chunk

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I hand picked each one of these pieces with you in mind.

This soft pink Rose Quartz is just beautiful and constantly strives to serve the heart chakra. Rose Quartz, or Hyaline Quartz, is comprised of a hexagonal crystal system. Its name comes from the Greek origin “hyalus” meaning glass.

Rose Quartz offers a deep vibration and a goddess energy. It is associated with the Greek mythology of Aphrodite and Adonis. Aphrodite, goddess of love, lust, and beauty, became infatuated with the mortal Adonis. This brought about the envy of Ares, who did what any reasonably jealous ex would do and transformed into a wild boar to fatally wound Adonis. As Aphrodite quickly descended to help Adonis, she cut herself on a briar bush. The fusion of the lovers’ blood then stained a nearby Quartz pink, giving Rose Quartz its blush tone. Taking empathy and compassion upon the two, Zeus brought Adonis back to Aphrodite for 6 months every year. The themes of reconciliation, undying love, empathy, and compassion of this stone are reflected in its mythology. The Ancient Egyptians showed reverence and homage to Rose Quartz as well. The Egyptian goddess Isis, goddess of life, motherhood, and fertility, is a symbol of divine femininity. She would rub the stone on her cheeks and eyes to heal the skin and prevent wrinkles. It’s no wonder we see Rose Quartz rollers popping up in the beauty industry so much today. She believed in the restorative qualities of Rose Quartz and emanated its loving, mothering energy.

Rose Quartz shows up in Roman mythology as well. Cupid, the Roman god of love, desire, and attraction, brought this Love Stone down from Olympus to spread love among the mortals. He believed that Rose Quartz was so powerful it would inspire love and compassion in all of humankind.

Also called the Heart Stone, it is no surprise that its loving vibes are calming, reassuring, and provide protection and healing at the finest level.  It encourages all relationships by creating space for the user to be compassionate with themselves and others. It is said to teach self love and encourage forgiveness. Self trust and self forgiveness allow the user to operate from a place of mutual understanding and empathy. In addition to providing reassurance and joy, it also banishes codependency, jealousy, and mistrust. This stone of universal love also works on the throat chakra and encourages gentle but firm communication. Rose Quartz is also said to have mothering energy.

These particular pieces have been hand selected for color, depth, and size. If you resonate with Rose Quartz, this is the absolute perfect piece for your collection. 

Each listing is for one intuitively selected raw Rose Quartz chunk. 


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