Juniper Clearing Bundle - Labradorite
Juniper Clearing Bundle - Labradorite

Juniper Clearing Bundle - Labradorite

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Nature is a healing force, and its presence in our spiritual practice matters. 

Smoke cleansing is an invaluable part of my personal practice and my offering to in-person clients. This ancient practice has been found in almost every culture, and whether the intention is to create a clean, peaceful space, connect with spirit, or eliminate negative energy, these rituals offer spiritual significance. 

I have chosen with this bundle to use Juniper as a beautiful base. Juniper meets just about every need I have when smoke cleansing. It is both protective and cleansing, and offers a loving, healing, feminine energy. It soothes the central nervous system like no other, provides psychic protection, boosts intuition, and connects with the heart. Its resonance with the Third Eye chakra offers up spiritual clarity.

Our clearing bundles consist only of herbs that are harvested responsibly. We use a Juniper base with its unique fresh spicy sweet scent, and bundle it alongside a variety of fresh dried flowers to create a bundle that is aesthetically pleasing and spiritually fulfilling. This purifying bundle features hope filled Gypsophila (baby’s breath), calming Lavender, and Statice Sinuata for remembering all we are connected to and why. 

The crystal I have chosen to include is the mystical Labradorite. This stone raises awareness and connects us to our upper chakras and the divine while simultaneously protecting from negative darker energies. It ignites intuition at the right time for each person, so no two experiences with this stone are the same. Labradorite helps release past regrets not only from this life, but past lives, and this includes those things we have feared in the past. It aids in cord releasing. I say releasing over cutting as it energetically unhooks what may be clinging to our being and aura. It beautifully calms the mind while activating the imagination for new creativity to emerge and clarity for what is good, as well as what needs to be let go of. There is no getting around the penetrating powers of Labradorite to get right to the core of whatever is going on, as it shines light upon what is the truth. This labradorescent stone grounds through times of change and transformation as we bravely and courageously step into our awaited Higher timeline.

This listing is for ONE clearing bundle.

Directions for use: 

While holding the bundle pointing downward at about a 45 degree angle toward the flame.

Ignite your bundle at the tip using a candle, match, or lighter. Allow the bundle to burn for about 30 seconds and then blow to allow the embers to burn. As it burns, move about your home, work space, car, or anywhere the energy in the space needs clearing. Either in the mind's eye or aloud, speak your intentions. I like to use the phrase, "I cleanse this space in light and love." When you've finished, carefully place the bundle in a fireproof container to allow the ember to continue to burn or run under water to extinguish.

Always use caution, respect, common sense, and smart fire safety when working with fire. Never leave the bundle burning unattended or in the reach of children.


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