Sacred Pyramid Bundle

Sacred Pyramid Bundle

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This sacred pyramid bundle packs a punch for those looking to introduce pyramids to their practice. This bundle contains Rose Quartz, Tiger’s Eye, Sodalite, Goldstone, Sandstone, Aventurine, Jasper, and Agate pyramids that are discrete and easy to carry along with you in a pocket, purse, or backpack. There is simply no wrong way to use this fantastic collection of pyramids as their energies only serve to collectively amplify the properties of one another. 

The sacred geometry of the pyramid shape is used for laser focus and drawing in energy and transmutation. The perfect shape for energy distribution, a pyramid funnels in the energy associated with its mineralogy and rereleases it back into the environment in a clear and concise vibratory pattern. This ignites transmutation.

It has been recently discovered that the Great Pyramid of Giza captures electromagnetic energy in its chambers and its base. This supports that this particular shape is an energetic phenomenon that is truly of divine nature.

Akin to the super focused energy of a pyramid stone, our own energy then shifts it’s trajectory to help zero in on changes in the body and the mind. This works in real time and the present moment, which helps us to hold a higher vibration and frequency so that we can keep up with the energies around us.

Hold these pieces in your hand to create a vortex of energy that will spread to the physical body and auric field. As you focus on the stone it will funnel wisdom and healing by way of universal light.

Place the crystal pyramids in your bedroom, work space, or meditative space in order to focus energy on the task at hand. When gridding the home there is no wrong way to use a pyramid. Surrounding the body with pyramids only amplifies their energy as each piece energetically pings to the other. This cleanses and ignites the aura effortlessly. Meditate with these pieces to amplify intuition or include them in your breath work practice to cleanse the chakras. 

This Rose Quartz is just beautiful and constantly strives to serve the heart chakra. Its loving vibes are calming, reassuring, and provide protection and healing at the finest level. It is said to teach self love and encourage forgiveness. 

Tiger’s Eye is a stone of integrity and has an incredible grounding capacity. It works with Gaia (Earth energy) to tether the wearer to a grounded state but leave room for spiritual enlightenment. And this crystal is a master balancer to those who find themselves perpetually distracted or in constant need for energetic grounding.  

Sodalite is a healing stone that opens up the third eye, helps to release stress, and encourages the wearer to take charge of life by helping to clear the throat chakra, thus encouraging self expression.

This sparkly bronze stone is Goldstone. It is a composite stone of angular crystals of copper and other minerals. These minerals are heated and cooled to create a lustrous, glassy appearance. This is an artistic ritual dating back to the 12th century. I’ve always had a soft spot for this one, it is just so pretty. But don’t let its delicate appearance fool you, this one is a protective, highly motivating, and is said to be excellent for attaining goals.

Sandstone brings in grounding properties, this time in the form of deflecting that which doesn’t serve. It’s delicate, shimmering qualities pack in some cleansing and edifying power. This stone is a composite of angular crystals of copper and other minerals.

Aventurine is one of my favorite stones for confidence and perseverance. It stabilizes the mind and pushes creativity. It calms stress, rage, irritation and brings in well being. I’ll often use this stone in my practice with athletes and those in competive careers such as sales. It brings about a winning mentality while clearing the chakras for personal work. 

Jasper is like a super grounding, warm hug. It’s ultra comforting and grounds the light body easily and seamlessly. It encourages creative thinking and adventure while still maintaining healthy boundaries. This one gently sweeps chakras and Aligns them where needed. This would be a perfect stone for change like relocations, a new baby or even a new job. It will gently urge the wearer to take it slow and steady rather than attach to a quick outcome. The unique and naturally occurring pattern make it a crowd favorite.

Agate is a stone of refresh and abundant vibration. It opens the holder to communication and aids in the reduction of energetic static. Allow the ample and fear releasing vibration of this particular pendulum to serve as a tool and extension of your energy in any practice you choose.