Sacred Space Bundle
Sacred Space Bundle

Sacred Space Bundle

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This is the ultimate bundle for refreshing the energy in your space or ensuring a fresh energy in your new space, whether that be an office, home, or even your car. This kit includes a Petite Rosemary Clearing Bundle, Signature Maven Candle, Signature Maven Gridding Board, Petite Selenite Pyramid, Selenite Moon Bowl, Orange Selenite 10cm Bowl, Petite Rough Blue Apatite Chunk, Petite Clear Quartz Geode, 3 piece of rough Black Tourmaline, Petite Zebra Slice, Rose Quartz Piece, Prehnite Piece, Smoky Quartz Piece, and an Amethyst Piece.

Petite Rosemary Clearing Bundle

Our Petite Rosemary clearing bundle is simple but impactful. This one is comforting, cleansing and ultra powerful for use prior to meditation as it really opens up the Heart, Solar Plexus, and Throat Chakra. As I walk through a space, I like to state the mantra, "In love and light, I cleanse this space." It is essential for resetting the intention of a current state or clearing out previous energy from a new space. 

Signature Maven Candle

Our toxin free, 100% soy wax Signature Maven candle features a natural cotton wick and is packaged in a glass container that is recyclable and reusable. The Durham Currant scent, straight from the Peloponnese Peninsula, is ultra comforting and has an alluring balance of tart and sweet that is just delicious. When you reach the bottom of your candle’s 30 hour burn time, you’ll find Lemurian crystal pieces waiting for you at the bottom.

Signature Maven Gridding Board

The Seed of Life is taken from the Flower of Life, and I love the balancing energy this has. While the name “Seed of Life” was coined in the 1980’s, this shape dates back much further and shows up in every major religion and has been documented in countless historical sites. It highlights and features the connectedness between opposing forces. In this pattern, six circles interlock and surround a seventh center circle, producing an effect that creates “petals” within the pattern. The seven circles connect to and mirror the seven chakras. In my gridding board, I use this pattern with a triangle centered inside of the seventh circle. This board is made from wood and as such possesses a living energy. You can grid on any surface - a mirror, a cloth, the ground- this is just what I like using.

Crystal gridding is an invaluable part of my practice. I’ll always provide education around stones, but sincerely knowing them and their synergy comes from taking time with them. Gridding is a practice of setting out stones in a pattern to channel their energy with specific intentions set for use. It truly promotes understanding of your rocks as you feel their energy with neighboring stones. Crystalline structure contains a multitude of patterns of Sacred Geometry, and when we arrange them in sacred patterns we are able to harness their energy on a different level.

First, cleanse your stones and space, and be specific about as you set an intention. This intention, along with Sacred Geometry, is going to inform grid shape. There are endless geometric possibilities here, but I’m going to give you a run down of the basics and a few of my favorite patterns. Circles are for wholeness, protection, and sense of Self. If you're focusing on expansion and growth, play with more of a spiral shape. Explore using squares for setting boundaries, grounding, and receiving guidance from spirit guides. Triangles are more for a harmonious, balanced energy. 

Start with an anchor stone that will be the center of your grid; this stone typically has a high energy and properties that align with your intention. Then, compatible surrounding stones are selected to work in harmony alongside your anchor. Beyond that I use secondary, amplification stones, such as quartz. You may also include an object of importance that is not a stone - a significant piece of jewelry, a gift, an heirloom, etc. As you let your intuition guide your placement, speak your intention to the Universe. Then, trace the lines of the grid for activation.

Petite Selenite Pyramid

Selenite is my go to for mental clarity and anxiety. It clears out the clouded mind, and has the pure vibration that is essential for mediation. It is one of the most power crystals on earth and holds a special vibration for our modern, fast paced times. Great care should be used around water with the spheres however, due to the delicate nature of selenite.  This pyramid is a great addition to grid your space. 

The sacred geometry of the pyramid shape is used for laser focus and drawing in energy and transmutation. The perfect shape for energy distribution, a pyramid funnels in the energy associated with its mineralogy and rereleases it back into the environment in a clear and concise vibratory pattern. This ignites transmutation. But just like the super focused energy of a pyramid stone, our own energy then shifts its trajectory to help zero in on changes in the body and the mind. This works in real time and the present moment, which helps us to hold a higher vibration and frequency so that we can keep up with the energies around us. This is the perfect piece for those in entrepreneurial work and startups.

I hold mine in my hand to create a vortex of energy that will spread to the physical body and auric field. As you focus on the stone it will funnel wisdom and healing by way of universal light. And if you’re wondering about gridding, you can place a crystal pyramid in your bedroom, work space, or meditative space in order to focus energy on the task at hand. Due to the clear vibe it puts out, you pretty much can’t go wrong.

Selenite Moon Bowl

These moon bowls are the perfect way to store your crystal pieces and energetically cleanse them as well. Place small stones in your bowl over night to recharge and refurbish their properties. I also love using bowls to cleanse non-crystal pieces such as car keys! They're a beautiful and practical way to incorporate crystal use into the home or office. 

Orange Selenite 10cm Bowl

Orange Selenite gets its pearly, silky orange color from Hematite deposits, and not only is the result aesthetically stunning, we love what it does energetically as well. Think all of the Selenite benefits of ascension and connection  with your higher self and spirit guides plus the super grounding benefits of Hematite on this one. While Orange Selenite works on your crown and higher chakras the same way traditional Selenite would, this variety also does outstanding work on the sacral chakra. As it cleanses and restores balance to the Sacral Chakra, Orange Selenite enhances self confidence, passion, and sensuality. Hello activated Divine Feminine. It’s connected with Earth and Moon energies and is incredibly grounding for the physical body. It protects against energy leaks and from absorbing unwanted negative energies. As such, it promotes peace and tranquility for the user. With less room for negative energy, even if it may be your own negative self talk, it works big time on self esteem and connecting you with your higher self. Looking to anchor your light body back to earth? This is it babe. I’ve recently started including Orange Selenite in my gridding practice as it gives me the safe, peaceful space I need to do some work around self worth. 

Small Rough Blue Apatite Chunk

This gorgeous Blue Apatite free form is full of positive healing properties. It truly is the stone of manifestation.  It attunes us to our future, yet connects us to past lives.  Apatite aids in the release of confusion, apathy, and anger.  It enhances communication and opens up the Throat chakra, especially when it comes to public speaking and all types of group communication. This healing stone opens up the Third Eye and deepens spiritual awareness by way of raising kundalini energy. It helps increases social openness, stimulates creativity, and is said to encourage healthy eating. Consider pairing Apatite with Amethyst to enhance your spiritual practice. I recommend placing this one in the kitchen or any space where you want to enhance peaceful communication.

Petite Clear Quartz Geode

Geodes are hallowed out and form from sedimentary or volcanic rock in bubbles or cavities; their hallow spaces come about when the plant matter inside them eventually decays. When the top layer hardens, minerals feed through and permeate the rock, and these layers of mineral deposits cause the crystal to form inside of the cavities. Eventually as the bedrock around these chunks weathers away, the outer layer is exposed. On the surface, these look fairly unimpressive. But when they’re broken, their stunning formation can be seen.

Geodes radiate feminine, earth energy. While a multitude of crystals can be formed inside geodes, they all share a common energetic property that they are about internal work. I love a crystal that only cares about me. And that’s exactly what geodes offer. This is due to the directionality of the crystals within the geode; they all point inward. These make them excellent companions for work around higher purpose and guidance on one’s spiritual path.

Quartz has the natural ability to bring balance to all the chakras. This is a powerful healing stone that has a continuous and strong vibration. This quartz is perfect for gridding the home or personal space as it assists energetic boundaries and its vibration is truly unwavering. 

In terms of placement, I like to keep these pieces nearby and in range of my energetic field. These pieces are excellent for comfort and healing. These pairs are outstanding on bedside tables and in rooms where you most often gather with your family.

3 piece of rough Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline is an excellent stone for grounding and protection, but it's also an excellent mental healer and energy cleanser.  It transmutes dense energy into a lighter vibration and aids in clearing and balancing all of the main chakras.  Include this piece when you want to promote security and strength. I recommend placing Black Tourmaline by the entryway for protection, in the car, and tucked inside a purse, wallet, or pocket. 

Petite Zebra Slice

Zebra Jasper is my new favorite companion stone. I’ve had one of these pieces with me almost everywhere for the past two months due to its incredible vibration. This is the stone for when you’re busy and need to stay grounded while you get things done while providing can uplifting, energizing effect. I love its grounded energy for manifesting in a grid or similarly carrying it with me as an intention stone. It’s a reminder to reconnect to purpose and the peace that flows from alignment. It truly adds optimism to grids and its vibration facilitates as such. Much likes its gorgeous black and white stripes, Zebra Jasper brings in incredible balance and thus harmony. It balances masculine-feminine energies as well as ying-yang energies. This equilibrium is highly beneficial to meditative practice and alignment. This piece is fantastic for the study or home office. 

Rose Quartz Piece

When we talk Rose Quartz, we often talk love. Sure, there’s undoubtedly a deeply loving energy around this stone, but there is also a goddess energy that is directly tied to the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine transcends gender; it’s a spiritual energy that we all have within us no matter how we identify. It is connected closely with qualities like intuition, creativity, compassion, and energetic restoration. The mythology associated with Rose Quartz is connected to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, lust, and beauty. When she became infatuated with the mortal Adonis, this brought about the envy of Ares, who did what any reasonably jealous ex would do and transformed into a wild boar to fatally wound Adonis. Aphrodite pleaded with Adonis, a skilled hunter, to not go into the forest and take on such a dangerous sport. Ares knew this is where Adonis would be most vulnerable and attacked him in this moment. As Aphrodite quickly descended to help Adonis, she cut herself on the thorns of a briar bush and began to bleed. The fusion of the lovers’ blood, as Aphrodite held Adonis dying in her arms, stained a nearby Quartz pink. This is what gave the Rose Quartz its rosy, blush tone. Taking sympathy upon the two, Zeus showed compassion and brought Adonis back to Aphrodite for 6 months every year. The themes of reconciliation, undying love, empathy, and compassion of this stone are reflected in its mythology.

Also called the Heart Stone, there’s no surprise that Rose Quartz's loving vibes are calming and reassuring. It provides protection and healing at the finest level. It encourages all kinds of relationships by amplifying self-love, a crucial component in any relationship. This provides space for the user to be compassionate and gentle with themselves and others. In addition to providing reassurance and joy, it also banishes codependency, jealousy, and mistrust. It gets to the root of resonance so that energetic protection can be seamless as we no longer attract low vibration.

This piece is beautiful to include in spaces where family and friends gather.

Prehnite Piece

The reason I just love Prehnite is its connection to angelic realm and regenerative properties. I will often keep one on my nightstand for this reason. This stone is also excellent for those aiming to overcome issues around abundance and feeling “good enough”. It is a great stone for restful sleep and relaxation but also aids intuition. Paired with Kyanite, this makes for an incredible intuitive tool, which I’ll often use in my client readings.

Smoky Quartz Piece

This gorgeous Smoky Quartz bracelet is full of healing properties. It truly is the stone of energetic protection. It enhances authenticity and the ability to stand the sacred ground. It blocks negative projection, grounds the wearer in public spaces and serves as a diffuser for energy overload. Truly one of my favorite stones to work with, I use Smokey Quartz in every one of my reiki sessions. Much like Black Tourmaline, this piece is highly protective and is sensational by the entryway or in the car.

Amethyst Piece

There's just something about the serenity this stone offers that is unmatched. Amethyst cultivates spiritual connection like no other, as it works on both the Third Eye and Crown Chakra. A piece like this truly allows you to thrive within your intuitive process. It eases tension and allows irritability and anxiety to just melt away. It diffuses and clears the the entire home at this size.

Whether it comes to assistance with sleep patterns, opening the Third Eye, amplifying intuition or offering assistance with recurring behavior patterns, this delicate wonder assists with all. Amethyst is excellent in assisting health goals and helping to break bad habits. It has a strong but fine vibration and is an excellent choice for those just starting out on their intuitive journey.

Place this piece at the far left corner of the home (standing at the doorway facing in), as this will allow you to bring in abundance of amplified self-worth and self-acceptance.

To invite a more spiritual presence into your home, stand at your front door facing in and place it in the right most corner closest to you. Setting an intention here to connect with your Spirit Guides, Source, and Ascended Masters and placing it in this corner of the home is going to ramp up your intuitive connection.

This piece is wonderful on the nightstand or you can place it near or under the bed to really invite restful sleep and create an ultra serene environment. I like to keep mine in common living areas or even near the kitchen to induce calm and  mindful choices around wellness.

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