Sphere Trio
Sphere Trio
Sphere Trio

Sphere Trio

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I just love this petite sphere trio of Infinite Stone, Pink Panther Jasper, and Aventurine. We often think of traveling with pocket pieces, palm stones, and certainty stones, but these spheres emit a powerful energy from all sides and carry a potent vibration despite their size. As these are petite pieces, they are easy to slip into your pocket, purse, or backpack or tuck away in your car. 

Whenever I’m feeling withdrawn, I incorporate spheres into my practice to remind me of the connectedness of the universe. Spheres emit energy in all directions and provide a profoundly grounding connection to the energies around you. I love meditating with spheres to promote harmony and wholeness. When gridding, this unifies the energies of surrounding stones.

Infinite Stone

This soothing stone is incredible for leveling imbalance. It assists in clearing relationship baggage and speaking one’s truth clearly. This is a great piece to have in your pocket during a difficult conversation with a loved one or a meeting or presentation at work. If you are dealing with unresolved interpersonal issues or are coming up against a possible confrontation of those issues, the Infinite Stone eases this by funneling energy productively rather than a way that may cause more contention in the future. Yes, it’s really that great and I’ve found that it works personally. 

Pink Panther Jasper

This beautiful Jasper variety works simultaneously on the Heart and Root Chakra. This newer variety is a stone of intense passion and it brings our desires into the forefront. This one has an interesting duality to it in terms of shadow work. I recommend it to clients who are deep in this process in order to as this stone has a transformative nature. I myself like to use it in client sessions to be sure that in the midst of this intensity, I’m not absorbing what is not mine to carry. I really recommend this for any energetic practitioner. 


Aventurine Quartz is one of my favorite companion pieces for welcoming in unexpected adventure and new, fruitful sources of collaboration. It opens pathways for productive, successful communication when working with others. It allows you to make decisions with ease and from a place of inner truth and alignment. This is a wonderful piece to keep with you as you work or to nestle during meetings.

Aventurine is one of my favorite stones for confidence and perseverance. It stabilizes the mind and pushes creativity. It calms stress, rage, irritation and brings in well being. I’ll often use this stone in my practice with athletes and those in competitive careers such as sales as it reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness. It brings about a winning mentality while clearing the chakras for personal work.

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