Alchemy Stone Soup
Alchemy Stone Soup

Alchemy Stone Soup

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I’ve put together a collection of must haves to create a little alchemy and magic in my all time favorite Selenite bowl. The only thing that breaks my no clutter rule in my house is that I have these petite Selenite bowls literally everywhere. I’m not kidding.

  • Rhodochrosite: My absolute favorite stone for self-love and Heart Charka healing has to be Rhodochrosite. Its soft peach hue and varied stone movement is just stunning. It is a teacher of the heart by helping to remove denial and is said to assist in attracting soulmates, which I believe come in romantic and plutonic form. It also clears the Solar Plexus and Base Chakras, thus stimulating emotional release and the confrontation of fear. I love this one for the peace it’s going to provide as she sits in Aries and amplifying Venus’ easy, loving energy as she stations in her home planet of Taurus near the end of the month.
  • Lapis Lazuli: This deep royal blue Lapiz Lazuli is flecked with gold inclusion within the stone. This healing stone opens up the Third Eye, helps to release stress, and encourages the wearer to take charge of life by helping to clear the Throat Chakra, thus encouraging self-expression. This is going to usher in soft but productive articulation of your wants and needs during this time period. This will help you, and those around you, get really clear on what you want as well as take some of the Aries edge off. Lapis absolutely loves Aries motivation, drive, and productivity and is the perfect companion as you tackle your goals. While Mercury may bring some hiccups to your projects, Lapis is going to invite in a soothing energy and allow you to pivot your focus back to the task at hand more quickly.
  • Rose Quartz: When we talk Rose Quartz, we often talk love. Sure, there’s undoubtedly a deeply loving energy around this stone, but there is also a goddess energy that is directly tied to the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine transcends gender; it’s a spiritual energy that we all have within us no matter how we identify. It is connected closely with qualities like intuition, creativity, compassion, and energetic restoration. Also called the Heart Stone, there’s no surprise that Rose Quartz's loving vibes are calming and reassuring. It provides protection and healing at the finest level. It encourages all kinds of relationships by amplifying self-love, a crucial component in any relationship. This provides space for the user to be compassionate and gentle with themselves and others. In addition to providing reassurance and joy, it also banishes codependency, jealousy, and mistrust. It gets to the root of resonance so that energetic protection can be seamless as we no longer attract low vibration.
  • Amazonite: Amazonite helps to filter information on an intuitive level. The logical mind and the intuitive senses are urged to work together with Amazonite. As you unlock the lessons of this eclipse, this is essential. It soothes fear and help to process trauma. Amazonite resonates with both the Heart and Throat Chakras to regulate our interaction with both our inner and outer worlds. It is a stone of universal love and higher consciousness. 
  • Moss Agate: This delicate stone is Moss Agate, which is a stone of refresh and abundant vibration. It opens the holder to communication and aids in the reduction of energetic static. Allow the ample and fear releasing vibration of this particular stone to serve as a tool and extension of your energy in any practice you choose. The changes that eclipses bring in can be drastic and feel chaotic and Moss Agate is incredibly grounding. It will dissipate any fear around this growth that you need to truly step into greater alignment with the Higher Self. 
  • Selenite Bowl: Selenite is my go to for mental clarity and anxiety. It clears out the clouded mind, and has the pure vibration that is essential for mediation. It is one of the most power crystals on Earth and holds a special vibration for our modern, fast paced times. Great care should be used around water with Selenite however, due to the delicate nature of this stone!

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