Tanzanite, Citrine and Rose Quartz Ring Stack

Tanzanite, Citrine and Rose Quartz Ring Stack

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This trio is incredible! Not only is it an amazing value but it really vibrates on such an amazing level.

Tanzanite is one of my favorites due to it’s incredible third eye and crown chakra edifying properties. The part that’s often overlooked with this stone is that it connects the throat chakra to form this incredible triangle with the other two chakras that just keeps intuition and constantly edifying energy flowing. It stimulates higher consciousness by working on old habits and patterns, perhaps even those we are not even remotely aware of. It’s certainly not for those who want a soft flowing crystal piece as it really packs in vibration that can be felt right away.

Citrine is excellent for encouraging motivation, drive, and abundance of any kind. I use it in my practice when meditation for motivation is needed. It is a powerful cleanser of the chakras, especially the solar plexus. It is a truly generous stone of abundance and teaches us to manifest loudly so that confidence remains and hard work is viewed with optimism as we attain current goals and work towards new ones. If you are particularly sensitive to outside influence and tend to "take on" others emotion, this is the perfect piece.

This soft pale pink Rose Quartz is just beautiful and constantly strives to serve the heart chakra. Its loving vibes are calming, reassuring, and provide protection and healing at the finest level. It is said to teach self love and encourage forgiveness.

Each ring is custom made to fit. Please view the drop down menu for sizing as due to the Covid 19 pandemic, ALL SALES ARE FINAL on these pieces. Sizes are indicated in inches below.

XS = 2.25”

S = 2.5”

M = 2.75”

L = 3”

XL = 3.25”

XXL = 3.5”