Harvest Bundle
Harvest Bundle
Harvest Bundle
Harvest Bundle
Harvest Bundle

Harvest Bundle

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We curated this bundle to embody bounty, love and abundance as we enter the Autumn Season. Each piece was chosen for its properties to help support you through the Fall so as to draw on universal light  love, stability and abundance.

Carnelian is part of the Chalcedony family and gets its firey color from iron deposits. This is a stone of vitality and calm. Carnelian banishes fear and envy and urges motivation and a love of present reality. It promotes courage and creativity. Carnelian is the go-to stone for self trust and your perception of self as it helps you discern what makes you tick. It helps you connect to your highest purpose and your true calling.

It gets to the bottom of what drives you and asks you to trust that fully. As such, this stone useful during meditation and manifestation. Its confidence boosting vibration is incredible. Carnelian is one of warmth and joy. It is also useful to have nearby when working on completing tasks or projects as it encourages motivation, focus, and drive. It is associated with the Sacral Chakra.

Clear Quartz is the master healer and helps to align the chakras fro optimal energy spin and flow. In cluster form it has profound effects on the field and the surrounding space. It draws on us to look deep as it enhances mental clarity and soothes the Crown Chakra. It is also highly protective and boosts intuition.

The Golden Healer Quartz has incredibly high vibe and you can feel its effects right away. It beckons the holder to slow down and allow the Chakras to release any blockages. Yes, it’s that powerful. 

Comprised of the cleanest, most grounding, Universal light, its golden rays work diligently on the Crown and Solar Plexus. It is also the stone for connecting to “the one." But full disclosure, “the one” isn’t always who you assume. This stone facilitates love at the soul connection level. It may be time to open up to love, are you ready? It’s color and movement comes from a naturally occurring Iron Oxide coating in between layers of Quartz crystal. What makes these pieces unique is that this color never rubs off as it exists within the stone.

Flower Agate is the stone of truth and perseverance. This particular variety touches on breaking free of constricting and repressive situations into freedom and renewal.

It is the stone of balanced feminine energy and that if receiving the good that is yours. It shelters the field from fear and doubt so that a  true felt sense of self can emerge. It fires up desire to achieve passions and interests that were once hidden under energetically heavy and dense circumstance. True to its floral, plume like inclusions, this stone encourages growth and rebirth. If you are looking to be more true to your divine  nature and manifest what inspires you most, meditation with this stone is optimal. 

Your bundle will look similar but not exact to the one pictured. Each bundle is unique and varied. 

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