Journal Prompts For Inner Healing While The Sun Is In Pisces

The Sun enters Pisces tomorrow and it might be time to prioritize our inner healing. This is a very strong and beneficial transit when it comes to self-awareness through vulnerability.
Just this past week we had some tremendous opportunities for growth and healing with our New Moon in Aquarius and we have a powerful opportunity to heal further in Pisces Season, if we are willing to soften and lean into it.
How do we do that? Well I’m glad you asked.
I’ve compiled a list of 10 things you can do to tap further into self-awareness, self- love, and self-healing this Pisces Season and beyond.

Journal Prompts

1.    Make three small promises to yourself this week and keep them, from making your bed to taking time to eat lunch in a relaxed state and sitting down absolutely counts.
2.   Make a list of three things that secretly (or not so secretly) lights you up. My hidden list includes new workout clothes and when I meet deadlines for newsletters early. Sometimes it’s material incentives and other times it’s small daily wins, it all counts.
3.   Make a list of three “mistakes” in your life that turned out better than you initially thought they would.
4.   Make a list of three recent “mistakes” you’d like to embrace and why. Really think about this and wrap around these moments in detail. Take the time to see this from all angles.
5.   Make a list of three superpowers that you’ve discovered in your adult life. For example, in my childhood, I used to think I was “overly sensitive” because the adults in my life told me I was. In adulthood it turns out that this was the superpower of clairsentience after all.
6.   Make a list of three ways you can be more assertive in getting your needs met. Whether it’s at work, school, the home, or in your relationships, how could you be more clear?
7.  Make a list of three criteria that you need in a friend. Are these criteria that you see in yourself? Why or why not?
8.  Make a list of three times that you truly didn’t care what other people thought of you. Think back to the dates, times, and people you were with at the time. How did this make you feel?
9.  Make a list of three things that make you feel safe in relationships. When we feel safe, we are able to love deeper and more honestly. Can you give this to yourself as well? How?
10. What does vulnerability mean to you? Is it something you were taught as a child? Why or why not? Is it something you are willing to practice today?
Use these prompts at your leisure this Pisces Season and allow them to take you to new heights in your healing and growth. If you come upon new or uncomfortable feelings, just allow this to pass through in its own time. There is no rush. 
You are growing and changing at an exponential rate right now, just allow yourself the space to do this as healing is never linear. And remember, you truly do deserve all the good and love is absolutely your birthright. 

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