Your intuition and connection to your Higher Self is everything

“I had my first intuitive session with you in late 2018 In that session, you told me the company my husband works with would go public before my son turned six years old, the amount of my husband’s first payout ($2MM), and that the company would then be moving. Flash forward to three weeks ago...my son is five and a half, my husband’s company went public, his first payout was indeed $2MM, and they’ve started construction on a new facility, which they will move into some time in 2022. Just wanted to let you know, you beautiful and amazing wizardess. So grateful for your insights.”

“Seeing a message today about a reading and how things work...one of the things you told me a year ago was there was a soul that would come to our family and the timing would be when my daughter is between 4-6. Well, I am pregnant! My daughter is 4 and will be 5 years and 4 months old when this baby comes to this world.”

“Just sending a note of appreciation. Today I received an offer for a new job, for the exact salary amount I included in my new moon manifestation two weeks ago. At that time, I had no idea any of this would transpire. That energy moved on the written and spoken word! Thank you for giving me a framework to manifest.”

“My whole life is different than a year ago and I know you don’t like the credit but you played a big part in it.”

“OMG, this happened to me! Vanadinite (from you!) and citrine in the $ corner and last week, I got a notice from HR that my company was giving all staff a discretionary bonus and 2% raise which was totally unexpected because we were told in 2020 that we would NOT be getting raises in 2021! So wild!”

“I just received my first order from you and had to let you know it was perfect. The way it was carefully wrapped to the lovely bag, it was perfect. I am thrilled with my purchase and I could feel the love it was sent with. Thank you!”

“I am not exaggerating, I haven’t taken my rhodochrosite bracelet off since I got it from you and I went from feeling helplessly sad and lost, to feeling WORLDS better. So much healing has been taking place (still is), and recognition of where healing was needed and I can’t say thank you enough! I am feeling so much more self love and appreciation as well than I ever have! So thank you again.”

“I cannot tell you how much you’ve helped me today. I wasn’t able to find my closure and you handed it to me. I needed a direction for my mom and you’ve produced that for me. I couldn’t have asked for more."

“I recommend you to everyone! Your products are so powerful. My children even recognize their positive effects! Thanks for the amazing work you do.”

“I just wanted to say thank you. I just received my package. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had bracelets in a cart and panicked that I didn’t select the right ones. After landing in the hospital with kidney infection turned sepsis, and as someone who runs a biotech startup company with very lofty goals (read: incredibly high stress), I finally just read your descriptions and added those that spoke to me. This is my “super founder/executive that needs to be less stressed, more healthy, but still high-performing” stack.”

“I just got my official job offer and mad equity and more money than I even expected, I couldn’t even counter, haha, THANK YOU, PLUTO, THANK YOU.”

“This is just fangirl mail. I’ve had a mediation practice for years but I’ve never used crystals in any way and have never known much about them or even had an interest in them. I started following you about a year ago and over the last few months I’ve been purchasing some of your crystals. I started incorporating them into my meditation practice and I’m making all kinds of brand new breakthroughs in my healing and evolution. I love that I have a place to purchase beautiful and ethically sourced crystals which I am still just learning about! And love the vibes and light you’re putting out into the world.”

“Thank you for going out of your way to reply to my questions. Like always, you nailed it. I did it! I ACED my exam...carnelian, citrine, hematite and amazonite were my study buddies. Why did I aim for them? Who knows, but I have to put something together since I didn’t have some of the crystals you recommended….my tourmaline is always with me, I wear it all the time. Once again, I appreciate you. You have reduced many of us. May you continue to receive love, happiness, health and joy in your life.”

“The little things you share - your awareness of the moon phases, planetary phases, have literally saved my heart from my own suffering. Thank you for teaching me what my mother couldn’t. It’s SO healing. I’m so grateful.”

“I was just thinking tonight about how grateful I am to have had calls with you. You really gave me SO much calm over the last year. This world is anything but calm. So that really is a gift.”

“In our last session, you mentioned that we wouldn’t be packed up and moved out of our house until the end of June. I internally freaked out because that’s right on the wire but we will be packed and out by the 26th.Thank you for your guidance. And thank you for creating these beautiful crystals, I use them together. Asking questions over the pyramid is very powerful!”

“I so appreciate everything you do and the wealth of information you share. It’s like a roadmap for life. Thank you again for everything.”