Crystal Beginner Kit
Crystal Beginner Kit
Crystal Beginner Kit

Crystal Beginner Kit

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This long requested crystal beginner kit covers all your needs: raw chunks of Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Agate, Green Fluorite, Clear Quartz, a Zeolite, and Lepidolite accompany a Selenite stick, an Amethyst piece, and a Rosemary clearing bundle. 

This box includes everything you need to start on your spiritual journey. Each of the 7 chakras is represented in this collection of stones, and the Rosemary and Selenite clearing pieces are perfect to cleanse your energy and your pieces. This set is perfect for beginners just getting started or anyone looking to expand their collections. 

Soft pink Rose Quartz is just beautiful and constantly strives to serve the heart chakra. Its loving vibes are calming, reassuring, and provide protection and healing at the finest level. It is said to teach self love and encourage forgiveness. 

Black Tourmaline is so incredible for grounding and protection from negative or low vibration. It cleanses the energetic field and provides an opportunity to hit the pause button on negative energy spin. Whether it’s a bad break up, a difficult time at work or any trying time in life, this stone aids in grounding the holder, cleansing the chakras and opening the portals to refurbishing old patterns and energy spin. It promotes rational thought but shows us where we may be causing our own difficulties. I always say that Tourmaline helps us to get out of our own way, it’s truly that powerful. This particular variety is mineral rich and packs some extra grounding vibration with the stone movement that changes in the light.

Agate is a healing stone that provides an incredibly grounding, soothing energy due to the low hum of their soft vibration. It brings a secure resonance and feeling of safety to its environment. It neutralizes negativity and transmutes it into a more loving, positive energy. Agate focused on balance by cleansing the aura and providing harmony between mind and body. It is an excellent stone for focus and enhances analytical skills. In doing so, it allows you to base decisions in reality and rational thinking. Agate tends to self-esteem as it amplifies intuition and confidence in decision making. It is especially useful for those who are always asking others for their opinions rather than lean into their own intuitive guidance. It is a stone of self trust. Agate is a useful rock for those who are quick to anger and offers a neutralizing effect during times of tension. Agate works diligently on clearing the body and mind of negative energies. 

Green Fluorite is a stone of harmony, clearing, and balance. It works directly on the heart and third eye chakras. It promotes intention that aligns with the truest desires of your subconscious. Its protective energy dissolves negativity and keeps your field clear of any energy that simply is not for you. 

This gorgeous glassy Clear Quartz releases a profound cleansing energy that truly serves as a beacon of light. Clear Quartz has the natural ability to bring balance to all the chakras. This is a powerful healing stone that has a continuous and strong vibration. This quartz is perfect for gridding the home or personal space as it assists energetic boundaries and its vibration is truly unwavering, but can be held or worn close to the body. 

Zeolites are the stone for those attuned to energy and in need of calming vibration. It calms apprehension and helps to urge foresight where grounding is needed. It urges patience and problem solving. It is also a great stone for those who work in the energy arts. Zeolites have a purifying vibration and work to remove negative energies and distractions. The result is better focus and creativity that occurs with ease. The minerals in this group work directly on focusing your awareness on your potential and capabilities. In this way, they’re ideal for the student who may have a negative self concept academically. It emits a calming vibration that is especially helpful when feeling overwhelmed by the amount of or level of difficulty of tasks. It soothes students who experience anxiety around tests, quizzes, and big projects. These pieces offer a grounding energy that is especially useful when a frequently shifting focus is required throughout the day; it allows you to redirect and prioritize tasks with ease. This helps students as they shift between multiple classes and subjects a day with little time in between transitions to consolidate information and regroup. It also assists in amplifying grit and determination. Zeolites are highly receptive to the energies around them while also emitting a peaceful, positive vibration, which make them perfect for gridding.

Lepidolite is just a powerhouse when it comes to boosting intuition and calming anxious energy. It buffers electromagnetic pollution so it’s perfect to use if you use a computer for work. Lepidolite also contains lithium so it’s urges grounded energy and points the wearer how to best calm anxious, low, or misaligned energy. It’s been incredible for my personal work around patterns and recognizing where I misalign in my thinking.

Selenite is my go to for mental clarity and anxiety. It clears out the clouded mind, and has the pure vibration that is essential for mediation. It is one of the most power crystals on earth and holds a special vibration for our modern, fast paced times. Great care should be used around water and this stone however, due to the delicate nature of selenite.  

This gorgeous Amethyst is an absolute standout. It offers a soothing vibe and cleansing vibration. Each piece was chosen for its rich color and expertly crafted shape. Whether it comes to assistance with sleep patterns, opening the third eye, amplifying intuition or offering assistance with recurring behavior patterns, this delicate wonder assists with all. Amethyst is excellent in assisting health goals and helping to break bad habits. It has a strong but fine vibration and is an excellent choice for those just starting out on their intuitive journey. This one truly works on all fronts. It tethers the holder to an intensely grounded vibration while opening the crown and third eye to intuition beyond what has been experienced up to the present moment. This is also the quintessential stone for connection to light beings and energy beyond our Earth plane. If you want to connect to your personal guides and intuitive guidance in general, this crystal is perfect. This rare find also helps with connecting to unconventional solutions to complex problems. In practical application it aids in decision making, brainstorming, and focus on life purpose.

This Clearing bundle is simple but impactful. This one is comforting, cleansing and ultra powerful for use prior to meditation as it really opens up the Heart, Solar Plexus, and Throat Chakra. 

The cost of this kit will fluctuate as we are highly selective when picking stones and the size and weight of these stones will vary. 

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