A Checklist for the Full Moon in Virgo

Here is your Full Moon checklist!

 With a Full in Moon in Virgo, the vibration will be productive but steady and clearing will be urged hand in hand with setting strong intentions.

 It is the last Full Moon for the Astrological Year, so the vibration around clearing may be even more intense, use this to your advantage!

Here are some simple things you can do to embrace this and move ahead beautifully into the next chapter.

 - Take a Full Moon bath placing Clear Quartz crystals around your space.

- Organize even a small part of your home or space, like a junk drawer or purse.

- Charge your crystals in the moonlight by placing them on a windowsill or outside.

- Pay any old bills and go through any physical mail you received, this releases stagnant energy.

- Meditate to 741Hz music to amplify renewal as you clear your field.

- Perform a releasing ritual by making a list of what must go and burning it later.

- Open all of the windows and clean your home, if it feels right do some smoke clearing after.

- Clean out old or stale food from the fridge and replace it with fresh food of the week.

- Put on your favorite music and dance, you can do this while you make a meal and double up on the gratitude and fun.

- Journal all about where you’ve been this year so far in respect to family, love, finance, home, or any other aspect in your life.

- Connect with friends for a Full Moon circle, with a single intention like letting go in a safe and sacred space. Connect together about what you’d like to release and what you want to bring in.

- Get out in nature and connect to the stillness within Gaia and the natural world.

- Try writing a letter, perhaps one that you'll never send to a person or to yourself. This is a great way to finally let go of negativity or resentment. Be sure to burn the paper afterwards.

Buy yourself some beautiful fresh flowers, I always love Trader Joe’s and their deals for this one.

- Make this day your own and let your intuition lead you to more of what you love, whether that is more rest, more connection to family, or to love on yourself more, this is your time and there is no wrong way.

 Full Moons represent a time of endings and simple rituals are perfect to amplify this energy and encourage a sense of surrender, release and letting go with gratitude and joy. It can sometimes be uncomfortable to sit with the stillness or realization that happens during a lunation like this. 

 As consumers and simply just human beings, we all want to fill empty spaces, but it will serve you best to use this energy to get curious in the void space and see what comes through. Try reflecting on what you’ve accomplished so far and allow curiosity to take you where you’d like to go next

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