A Checklist for the Lunar Eclipse

By now we all understand that Full Moons are a time for release and close chapters, more than they are for new beginnings. However, lunar eclipses (which only occur during Full Moons) are even more powerful times to delve into your shadow side and do some personal shadow work, if you feel so inclined.

Those bits and pieces we have buried so deep are longing to come to the surface, often with or without our consent. While you will know when the time is right for you, I invite you to get curious (gently curious) with yourself during this one. 

Perhaps you will soon see if there are things or emotions holding you back from stepping into the light as your truest self. After all, there is no better and more permanent personal change, than one that happens during eclipse season. 

Since this upcoming Full Moon on the 25th is also a Lunar Eclipse, here is a checklist perfect for this weekend.

 1. As I said above, I invite you to get curious. I would say, “dig deep!” and yet we are not always ready for this kind of unearthing.

 Gently open your heart to see what you have been holding onto or keeping back from the surface. Get curious. It might feel scary in the moment, and yet the Universe always does have your highest and greatest good in mind. 

Allow the light to shine on some of these things as this might be what sets them, and you, free.

2. Regulate, regulate, regulate. Please be patient and compassionate with yourself as your nervous system might feel dysregulated during the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Emotions can already feel all over the place sometimes during Full Moons, so please remember you are not your emotions and reactions. Emotions last about 90 seconds, and so let them spill out of you without judgment or shame, and use that energy of release to move forward. I might even go so far as to say, “It’s not you; it’s the eclipse.” There. I said it.

Own what you need to own and leave the rest. This can feel like a chaotic or unsettled time and implementing good healthy practices to ground and bring yourself back to YOU is crucial.

3. Get your sleep. Sleep is so important, and even more so during Full Moon and eclipses. The light is so bright and the energy so potent, that falling and staying asleep can be more difficult.

This could be a calling in for you to create a bedtime routine, so stay open. I myself don’t always follow the same bedtime process, yet I do know what works for me and when my body signals that it's time to start winding down.

4. Give yourself plenty of time for doing all the things. Decisions, errands, planning, responses, emotions, give it all some extra love and space.

Often hidden truths can reveal themselves (remember our own inner work), and if you can postpone a bigger decision until later, I would advise you to do so. If you cannot, allow yourself as much as time you can to process, listen, and communicate clearly.

5. Okay, I am going to say it: I am all for a good time, yet the Full Moon is a good time to abstain from alcohol and other mind altering substances.

Your intuition and connection to your Higher Self more can be quite strong and when we partake, we might miss clarity and perspective we would have otherwise. The hangovers can be worse too.

Hey, if the Moon can affect the tide, why wouldn't it affect us physically too? Also, since emotions can run high during this time, something like drinking might not be so helpful in the end. Save that fun for other times during the month.

6. Use your crystals in a way that feels right to you. I have created a list of ones to be used during such a time as this (it will be coming to you Monday), and you can too!

You do not need all of them, yet look through the list and see which ones you are drawn to for your own gridding, meditating, and practices. Definitely check back Monday for that newsletter if you're curious.

7. Write in your journal. I so often say there is power in the written word, and it is absolutely true. Releasing the words and thoughts from your brain and heart create space for clarity, insights, and your own intuition to flow in.

It is not about replacing one for the other, although that is a fringe benefit; it is about releasing and clearing what might be mucking up the drain so the Universe can pour into us more freely once again.

No matter what comes up or through for you during this time, remember you are such an important part of this life. No if’s, and’s, or but’s. We need you here, and I am so glad you are. Happy Eclipse season to you friend!


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