A Father's Day Reflection on Divine Masculinity

As today is Father’s Day in the United States, I’m reflecting on Divine Masculinity and how I’ve leaned on this energy pretty heavily throughout my life. 

My father passed away when I was 15, and I often looked to the fathers of friends for guidance. My sweet mom did her best to fulfill both the mother and father roles on her own, but it was hard. This created a hypervigilance in my heart that I have been working to regulate in my 40s.

As I dive into my own masculine and feminine sides, I’m beginning to see what it all really means.

Divine Masculinity is marked by action. It’s all about doing rather than being. Unlike feminine energy, which is meant to teach us to let things flow and come to us, the masculine teaches us to follow through and do.

I’ve often found myself leaning more into my masculine as I’ve had to be hyper-independent and quite vigilant most of my life. What I realize is that the true masculine embodies qualities like courage, responsibility, and leadership while ALSO cultivating compassion, empathy, and a deep respect for the Divine Feminine. 

It involves balancing intensity with empathy and acting with integrity. So much more than brawn, no?

Our upcoming Summer Solstice on the 21st will have us leaning into and exploring both sides of ourselves and really deepening the sense of balance that this type of spiritual equilibrium can bring.

We will be drawn in by the Sun’s energy to seek and find all the parts of ourselves. It will be a transformative time where we do not hide but rather own who we are and what we want. This energy will last through October, and just like Father’s Day, I believe it should be celebrated.

Whatever your ritual, make it yours and let the universe in on all your details, however masculine or feminine they may be. Write down what you want and why, and be sure to treat yourself kindly as the Universe is poised to respond in kind. I hope you can join us on our Summer Solstice call on the 21st as we explore, excavate and manifest what our hearts desire.

It will be incredible to see you there.

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