All About All Planets Direct

As of January 27th all planets in our system are direct and awake. So, what does that mean for us? Well I’m glad you asked. Let’s dive in.

From now until April 1, 2024 you will be more apt to start projects and finish them. It’s as if we are being given more bandwidth to “make things happen.”

As the outer planets rule bigger societal change, structures, and patterns, the inner planets directly impact our individual personalities and daily experiences.

When planets retrograde, situations and people from the past often pop back up, or we see change (sometimes abruptly) play out via collective themes or in political structures.

It will be so important to capitalize on the energy you may be feeling most and get going on projects or ideas now through April 1st. After that, the entire year will be filled with some form of planetary retrograde, slowing down, or shifts in your relationships or your projects. 
It is as if we are now entering the gates of open, supportive, and information-packed astrological skies.  So, hold meetings, initiate budgets, engineer plans, draft paperwork, write out first or subsequent versions of your creative work, and raise your energetic wage. 

Yes, this is a great time to focus on energy exchange, but we will talk about that later. Let’s first define what retrogrades could have meant for you in 2023 and how this upcoming time period could have you shifting into a fresh, new vibration.
It must be recognized that planetary retrogrades are actually optical illusions from our vantage point on this plane, but they do have very real effects on us. Whatever the retrograde planet rules will end up being reviewed, revisited and reassessed. You may see delays and often some pretty annoying stagnation around certain themes. 
This could depend on your personal phase of learning as to what this planet rules in your life. Themes could be what you have been trying to manifest, the dissolution of any connection to karmic partners, or the healing of wounds like scarcity or abandonment, which can often affect finances and personal wealth. These are just some examples, other themes could have come up for you last year and in years past.
Consider what it is that you’ve been working on or aiming to change, because it will be so important to get moving and make changes now as delays are fading from view. It’s time to look ahead and open our hearts to love, launch plans, embrace personal autonomy, jump start a health journey, advance your financial landscape, and unlock your spiritual gifts for years to come. 
Mercury, the planet of communication, will be quickly picking up speed and we receive extra support but even more momentum in advancing projects where collaboration is concerned.
You may feel like things are getting super busy socially because Venus, the planet of relationships, connections, and luxury, has quite suddenly awakened. It will be your job to decide what connections are for you when it comes to family, friends and lovers.
Most notably in my opinion, Uranus, the planet of freedom and liberation, will be WIDE awake during this time. This means that you will have more energy to live authentically and if you’ve been struggling with that you’ll be offered support in unexpected ways to do so. 
This can feel uncomfortable or jarring at times, so give yourself the time and space you need in order to process some of these changes. I say that, but I honestly doubt we will have enough breaks from now until April. Yep, it will feel that busy 75% of the time. My advice is to stay grounded but express yourself fully and honestly.
Take out the unnecessary worry and take some chances. Say yes to unfamiliar adventures and break the cycles that keep you from living your most authentic, full, and joyful life.
This is truly a time when action leads to fulfillment as Jupiter and Neptune help to unleash spiritual gifts while catering to what we’ve been trying to align with this past year. Soulmate connections in love and friendship are absolutely favored right now.
You may meet people who are placed in your life to help you. Don’t you dare feel bad or guilty about this as it is part of an equal energy exchange that these two planets are drawing on us to realize. 
Intuition and spiritual gifts will also expand as Jupiter expands our thinking and Neptune unlocks magic by helping us dissolve long standing blockages at this time.
The key, as I alluded to before, will be honesty and an open heart. You may have to make some changes that you’ve been avoiding. You may also have to adopt a new routine that could be uncomfortable at first. Or you may get super busy doing life and just have to do all of this on the fly. You’ll be great, I promise. 
Here are some mantras to get you through this next adventure with more love in your heart and hope for the future.


I take on this next adventure with an open heart and eager spirit, it is my time to shine.
I take on this next adventure with a deserving heart and grounded baseline, it is my time to love and be loved.
I take on this next adventure with a curious heart and untethered mindset, it is my time to lift the ceiling and make as much money as possible.


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