All About April's New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Aries

Our New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries occurs today and I really want to discuss the abrupt shifts that could occur in the next few days. We are embarking on some ebbs and flows that will feel intense at first, but somehow fall beautifully into place - in a way that we couldn’t have predicted.

We have several planetary transits in the coming days that may have you feeling like you are riding wave after wave of change. There will be challenges, but equally as many gorgeous glimmers, let’s dive in shall we?

Mars will be conjunct Saturn in pisces on Wednesday, April 10th, and it could give you some pause, only to have you riding a glimmer wave the following day when the Sun is conjunct Mercury.

Mars is more pensive this time around but always errs on the side of forward motion and doing so in a quick and succinct manner. It wants us to say what we mean and mean what we say, in order to get to the heart of an issue.

But its conjunction with Saturn seems to stop us in our tracks this week. Saturn urges us to wait, listen, then act. It is the planet of Karma after all, and warns us that some actions cannot be undone no matter how much we backtrack after the fact.

The idea here will be to take notes of what is happening as we move through the fallout of our eclipse today.

If you do get a little hasty and end up seeking to get your point across, without consideration or reading the room, you may find that it is a hard lesson forever learned.

If you take your time and really connect to your intuition or get regulated first, you may find it a soft lesson learned, that in the end, validates your inner knowing. This is the type of ebb and flow I discussed earlier, and the subsequent softness or difficulty, will be yours to gauge and direct.

And building upon lessons as we heal our wounds is exactly the vibe right now.
Chiron is in Aries and will serve as the glue that binds us to clearing some of our past by being aware of it now. We continue to flow through this healing the day after or Mars/Saturn conjunction when the Sun is conjunct Mercury on the 11th.

You may feel more sharp and more able when it comes to the written word, speaking up, or even finding solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.

Sun conjunct Mercury is an incredible aspect for communication. While Mercury is retrograde this month, this transit will prove to be even more thorough and possibly taxing as well. Interacting with others will feel more important and even urgent, as it stimulates our need to share ideas or get things off our chest.

The shadow side to this is that we may not be as good of listeners during this transit, and we run the risk of glazing over problems if they feel too overwhelming. Try your best to stay in the moment and allow truth to come through.

The reward for this is pretty incredible as so much can be discussed openly or negotiated right now. Notice I didn’t say completely resolved.
That’s really tricky during a retrograde, we are getting our bearings still, try your best NOT to sign the dotted line on negotiations just yet.

We could also see others become seemingly more self absorbed at this time. This is because there will be plenty of people trying to speak without truly listening. It will be up to you to choose which side of discussions you’re one and to stay open.

The Universe is really taking us on a ride right now and it may be a little tricky to navigate without expressing emotion or having a good cry, don’t hesitate to let it out right now if you need to. And maybe do so before it becomes a bigger issue, it is a form of clearing after all and I guarantee you’ll feel better. I say this because if you are in negotiations of some kind or are navigating a situation interpersonally, you will want to excavate rather than blow up any progress you’ve made so far.

And when we let out emotion through crying, through talking it out, or even through constructive activities that get us a little sweaty, we become more clear with our decision making as anxiety is lessened.

This is exactly the type of medicine that may be needed this week.
I will be going over ways to clear the energy system as well as more about our Sun/Mercury conjunction in our next newsletter. For now I would stay away from any fancy or complicated rituals and stick to meditation in lieu of our eclipse today.


I take up space and drop pretense now.

I take on my true purpose and drop the need for validation now.

I take to those who are here for me and drop the habit of going back to what is familiar now. 

Tarot Card

Today I pulled The Magician. This card signifies understanding the power we have to change out outer world by first changing our inner world. It also urges us to sit in the fact that we are always serving and receiving one another as mirrors. This really supports our transit right now as we are pulled to both speak our truth and listen as well.

He also represents willpower and drive. This will definitely be a theme as although Mercury may be retrograde, it is still under the influence of fiery Aries in its steadfast, motion. I can’t wait to talk about this further, see you here again Wednesday.

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