All About Aries Season & Mars in Pisces

While I know that it is most definitely Aries Season tomorrow, Mars exiting Aquarius and entering Pisces on March 22nd makes this season a little more (deliberate) action oriented than usual.

Think brains over brawn, and only using brawn when necessary. Aries’ ruler Mars leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces just a day before the Sun enters Aries. This is significant in my opinion. That’s because Mars in Pisces teaches us to take action without using force and to harness intuitive power and flow in order to achieve what we want AND deserve.

The idea here is to move ahead without force, but bravely nonetheless. Remember all that we’ve been discussing about Karma and how it plays out this season? Mars in Pisces is inviting us to stay open to our intuition and receive guidance from our divine Guides and the Universe so that can happen fully and so we can be present to see it play out.

One point I have to make is that you cannot tap into your intuition, much less to the present moment if you are dysregulated. It will be so important for you to stay grounded during this transit so that you can be deliberate with your actions and not get lost in emotion or knee jerk reactions.

It will also be doubly important as you will be inundated with signs, symbols, and synchronicities throughout the duration of this planetary shift. We’ve got Mars in Pisces for about 38 days and if you watch for them, you can expect to see signs and synchronicities every single one of those days.

Yes, it’s like a little gift from the Universe during a particularly tricky retrograde and eclipse season. You will see this come through when you need it most, but expect it least. My advice is to set the intention to attune to signs and synchronicities, and to take action according to the whispers of your intuition.

During the upcoming weeks, Mars in Pisces will truly counteract and attempt to rebalance the energy of Mercury Retrograde as well as soften the often exhausting surge of power of the Sun in Aries. Allow it to inspire you to seek and expand upon a subtle, more gentle, style of communication.

Also allow yourself to connect more deeply to your desires and drives from a conscious perspective, one where the conscious adult “you” is in charge. This is no time to take by force, but rather step into what you want and need, by owning who you are and what you came here to do.

Impulsivity is not the vibe as we seek lasting change during this particular eclipse season. Plus, eclipse and retrograde energy is unpredictable enough, so being reactive really won’t be the best choice. Use this energy for your benefit by slowing down, regulating and asking yourself what you truly need in the moment.

Here are some mantras to help do just that.

I am rooted in absolute truth and plant my feet in steady ground.

I extend my Crown to reach unwavering knowing and hold it high always.

I create space for truth and unfiltered joy and allow my heart to expand enough to receive both.

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