All About Double Terminated Crystals

Double terminated crystals have a point at each end; this shape allows their energy to flow both ways, making them quintessential tools for energy healing and all kinds of vibrational practices. 

Double terminated crystals absorb energy at one point, transform it, and emanate it at the other, resulting in a unique transmutation process specific to the holder and their needs. These double-ended powerhouses can be formed naturally deep within the earth or physically cut and polished to this shape. Either way, they are a must for clearing and manifestation. 

Placed on The Third Eye during meditation, double terminated crystals enhance the energy flow in your aura, helping you to be more centered and focused during meditative practice. When placed on the chest (heart space) during relaxation, double terminated crystals can help you relax, regenerate, and unclog the chakra system to remove blockages. These double terminated pieces also infuse the auric field with pure energy, which directs our life force toward our desired manifestations.

Draw your crystal along the belly or place it on The Solar Plexus when meditating on what you want in life and how to get there. Take note of what comes through, as it is not by chance that you get feelings and downloads during this process.  

One technique that I have found extremely beneficial with clients and my own journey is placing a double terminated crystal between you and your partner while meditating to balance the energy and find a resolution whenever experiencing conflict. This will enhance empathy and strengthen the current bond, and it can also work with friends and family members. 

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