All About February's Full Moon in Virgo

This Full Moon in Virgo is offering clarity just as Mars and Venus were offering it with their transits these past few weeks. It is one where we will feel pulled to organize our physical space so as to facilitate calm and cleanliness.

This isn't Spring cleaning exactly, but it could be the beginning of a deeper cleanse as we head into March and April.

If you do feel pulled to organize, know that you're right on brand, it is a Virgo Moon after all. It will further clarify the way we view ourselves, but also a more refined way of manifesting desired outcomes.

How about that for some welcomed change? Let's dive right in.

On February 24th, 2024, at 7:28 AM EST, the Full Moon in Virgo will oppose the Sun in Pisces. 

You may be pulled to want to disconnect or completely resist what's been coming through, but this lunation calls for you to wake up, clear out, and step into yet another (this time MUCH higher) timeline. 

January created an energetic mess in our proverbial closets for us to assess. It was like we were pulling everything out in order to edit. February had us letting go and transmuting, like that of creating space by donating old clothing that simply didn't fit.

Perhaps it was difficult, perhaps you'd spent time, money, and energy on a person, place, or thing that simply can't come with you in the next phase. This was a common theme among many I spoke to in sessions and on social media alike. 

It's hard to admit when we've been putting our energy in spaces that are no longer ours to call home. It's even more difficult to actually move out of those spaces. This closure is what this Full Moon brings however, and I promise that if you don't resist this time, you'll be on the fast track the rest of the year. I'll explain why a little later.

Full Moon lunations symbolize turning points, culminations, endings and awakenings; if you are feeling the call now, trust it! Virgo is such a practical, grounded, and energy efficient sign. 

We are also free of any retrogrades until April 1st, I'm telling you, the time is now. The Universe is very supportive of your endeavors, even if it all seems uncertain or scary at this point. 

I say this because the Moon will oppose Mercury, which is in Pisces just two days before. This draws on even more of what we know and what we are intuitively connected to. A deeper balance of mind and heart will be urged by these planetary forces and our connection to The Divine and our Spirit Guides will be felt and encouraged. 

That is not to say you won't see challenges and obstacles come through, I just believe that these are not to be overly concerned with. I know, easy for me to say, but as we sit amid challenges, there will be many instantaneous breakthroughs and avenues of support that come through thanks to Mercury and its clever nature. 

This little messenger planet will be circling strong around the Full Moon and it is the natural ruler of Virgo, so its presence will be heightened. This is a good thing.

As the messenger planet, Mercury can help us source information and insights from both our inner intuition and our outer field. We may receive messages under this Full Moon that are uncanny, but absolutely undeniable. 

You may have already seen synchronicities come through in the past week as well. You just need to make sure that you are paying attention and trusting that inner knowing. Through March 10th it will be speaking constantly, and this lunation marks the time to listen.

 To add to this energy, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter decide to harmonize during this time as well. What this means for us is that we all seem to lean into nourishment and even pleasure shortly after or during this lunation. In addition, we will be pulled to organization and clarification around the home, body and family. 

I need to drive home that this clarity and structure is not to be seen as punishment, but a loving gesture from the Universe to get you back on track so that you can better experience rest and pleasure. This is about energetic simplification and expansion of life force bandwidth. 

We are going to need more bandwidth into eclipse season and the point I'm making is to stay optimistic, because anything "negative" that comes through around this lunation is EXTREMELY short lived. Don't leak energy on the small annoyances, or even the not so small ones. 

We have some pretty pivotal moments coming and the Universe needs you grounded and regulated more than ever.

And while this energy can be felt three days before and after this lunation, you may have already felt this culmination over the last few weeks. Think back about what has been coming through for you, did it give you pause or perhaps even stop you in your tracks? Were you pulled to release? To cleanse? 

I feel like this could be happening because this is the last Full Moon for the astrological year and the last Full Moon before Eclipse Season begins.

Change is coming with eclipse season and retrogrades once again, and you are being given clues now as to how best to support yourself through that.

I stand really firm in the fact that we are meant to feel these effects and heed the call. For some, this could have come in as early as February 17th or even earlier. You could have been feeling the effects of this lunation for quite some time, how intuitive of you. 

The placement of this Full Moon in our 2024 timeline, gives it a strong purge energy. But remember, we are clearing from the inside out and not just in our physical space. Virgo will see to it that this is done in an efficient manner, which could be why you've been feeling it for a while as energetically she's punctual and loves to arrive early.

With her stringent energy, Virgo is inviting us to step into our power. When we do so, we will feel encouraged by the Full Moon energy and ready to take on whatever it brings our way. 

Full Moon Ritual

For your ritual this month I do suggest purging even a small part of your home or space, THEN taking time to write a list for energy release.

Pick a junk drawer, a pile of old letters, the fridge, or maybe even something bigger like a closet, and just see what you are able to donate or recycle in the physical world so as to transmute energetically elsewhere.

After you clean the physical space, take to writing right away. Mercury in Pisces gives us some manifestation power when it comes to the written word, so use that to your advantage.

Burn your list if you'd like and stay open to what may come because you deserve some clearing, some satisfaction, and some rest.

Full Moon Mantras

Buried deep down in my bones is my knowing, and I access it any time I please. 

I drop the need for certainty and lean into the mysteries of the unknown.

I know I am a portal for the divine, and I welcome my most beautiful life.

Full Moon Tarot Card

Our Tarot card pull this time is the Ace of Cups. It signifies love, intuition and clarity. The five streams of water signify intuition and show the importance of listening to your inner voice. It is saying that in order to succeed right now, you will have to follow your inner voice. 

Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised by the Tarot cards I pull for these updates, other times the synchronicity is just undeniable. This card is urging that we may require organization or discipline at this time, but that we can and should trust our intuition first. Regardless of the situation, your reward or end result starts with trusting yourself first. 

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