All About February's Supermoon in Aquarius

So we’ve got some good news and some bad news. The next ultra transformative Supermoon will be on February 9th, but because it's a New Moon, not a Full Moon, the lunar disc will not be illuminated. Like, whatsoever. This means it will be damn near impossible to see. What does this mean for us? Actually, a lot. Let’s dive in, shall we?

As discussed in our last newsletter, a lot could be revealed at this time to further our growth and for us to step into some truly evolutionary timelines. Uranus is doing its final sweep in showing us what doesn’t align with our desired manifestations, and our New Moon in Aquarius will be very indicative of what must go as well.

And although release is typically saved for Full Moons, this is a continuation of what must go in order for the new to come in. Uranus has been moving rapidly and will continue to do so in order to find our weakest links. If it truly has no value in your life, it has to go. I know, it's getting repetitive, but I’ll say it over and over so we both don’t forget. 

And what is no longer for you will go, for some with a nudge and others by way of swift kick. This will be especially true if it’s been you who has been carrying a relationship or adding value where others have been stagnant, unresponsive, or misaligned.

Aquarius is linked to decentralization of our usual order or “how things should be” or “have always been.” Corruption could be uncovered at this time as well, and really it could all just fall into place without much seeking energy on your part. The big ask from this moon phase is that we stay true to our needs and simply keep going. You can shake off control by doing what is right for you.

As we progress with Pluto in Aquarius, we become more knowing of where we’d like to go and the truth of where we’ve allowed ourselves to be stuck. This New Moon beckons us to stop ignoring or disconnecting from truth and focus our intentions.

Perhaps these intentions will lead you to fully step into sovereignty, or perhaps you’ll connect what matters most and all else will softly fall away. This could be a huge undertaking or it could be really simple, this will all depend on the individual situation.

In tandem, you may feel the need for emotional freedom. This means that what has been binding you to a situation by way of guilt, shame, or fear, may reveal itself to a point of no return. There may be a final blow up, a last straw, or you may just decide you are unequivocally done with a situation. This could also pose the finality of a fifteen year cycle for some.

It will feel seemingly electric at first, like a jolt, and then later dissipate as the pieces come together. You will feel this coming together when Mercury and Jupiter form a positive square aspect the following day. This will offer up expansive energy to think beyond our personal issues or conflicts.

Jupiter is all about having a larger view point and Mercury helps us to construct this in a more concise form. Conversations could flow more easily and you could find those pieces I talked about before finally coming together. Things could be coming to light February 10th -16th in a way that offers some serious clarity.

There is an interesting aspect to this moon however and I keep going back and forth as to whether to talk about it. Welp, I’m going to so here we go.

There’s this little; dwarf planet called Varuna and it does pose some activity to Mercury as well at this time. She is the ruler of the night sky and of moral law. I feel like this will absolutely have influence over this New Moon and for weeks beyond. Varuna is here to squeeze those who lie, cheat, and boldly dismiss the truth for their greedy benefit.

As equal energetic exchange is at the forefront due to aspects around Uranus, Pluto and other planetary bodies this year, perhaps this little dwarf planet just wanted to get in on the action. I kinda think it’s more than that though. I think she will cause the domino effect in court cases, information being revealed, and wrongs being rectified this year.

And lastly the unstable geomagnetic we are experiencing by way of solar flares are only going to become more intense into March. Take care of that body at this time friend. Aquarius rules the calves, ankles, achilles, forearms and thyroid. These areas of the body will be more sensitive at this time so pay attention to what the body is telling you right now.

Doubled with the energy of the solar flares we’ve been having, you could be more tired or restless out of nowhere. It will be so important to give yourself grace right now. And while the new (Super) Moon on February 9th will be roughly 224,000 miles away from Earth, you could be feeling it’s effects closely.

We are in some more in depth stages of transition and expansion as a collective, and this stuff is hard. You are doing the damn thing though, and for what it’s worth I’m really grateful you’re here. Let’s connect to some lovely clearing mantras that touch on expansion to support you at this time.

New Moon Mantras 

My capacity for abundance grows each time I kindly speak the truth.

My capacity for clarity grows each time I honor my needs.

My capacity for love grows each time I simply allow stillness.

New Moon Tarot Card

Our Tarot card pull this time is The Two of Pentacles. It signifies balancing our resources and stretching our capacity. It also connects to navigating choppy waters when it comes to money, truth and information, but it warns us of stretching ourselves too thin.

There may also be two aspects or two choices one could be connecting to with this card, that will depend on individual experience and what you could be going through right now. At any rate, the message is to slow down and never lose sight that your needs truly do matter.

New Moon Prescription

Remember when I said I'd say it over and over so we both don’t forget? Well here I am again, if it truly has no value in your life, it has to go. Even our Tarot Card is saying your needs matter!

Pyrite is just the crystal friend you need right now. Pyrite helps when you’re working on releasing beliefs and behaviors that you’ve simply outgrown. As it supports you in this, it also makes you more bold and raises your own vibration.

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