All About January's Full Moon in Leo

As I mentioned in our last newsletter, this Full Moon in Leo on January 25th will have us really connecting with our inner child and it may come through in unexpected ways.
You may be pulled to play, you may be pulled to some favorite foods from the past, or you may be pulled to comfort like taking a nap, cuddling, or even watching one of your favorite movies from childhood. Let’s talk about this and the other energy surrounding this lunation, shall we?
Lions (maybe Leo’s too?) need lots of sleep. There's a definitely a chance that you're exhausted from our last retrograde, Pluto jumping into Aquarius, and the hustle of the holidays - plus this whole inner child aspect may be calling you in even more to take greater care. 
If you are a social butterfly typically, you may be pulled to enjoying a chill night in to watch movies, eat delicious food, or connect on a deeper level with a close friend.
This is because while Full Moons are certainly magical, they can trigger feelings of anxiety and hyper vigilance, which can be really draining too. I talked about moments of emotion breaking through in my last newsletter, and I meant it. Allow yourself to crack open with a good cry if you need it, then get back to living your best Leo Moon infused life.
There will be plenty of opportunities to party and make connections in February as planets settle even deeper into direct motion, so take the time you need it won’t hurt you in the end, I promise. 
This month is telling us to rest up and take care, especially when it comes to the needs of your inner child aged 8-14. I really get that age breakthrough during my collective mediations and feel that it is a time when we are learning to express ourselves freely and often weren’t encouraged to do so without some sort of shame attached.
By loving on that inner child during this lunation (and always), you will be able to tap deeper into clearing shame and the subsequent fear that often keeps us from fulling stepping into what we desire. 
This time in life is also a time when our Sacral chakra develops and blooms. We gained a better understanding of ourselves, our creativity, and the way we want to express ourselves took shape as well.
Perhaps we learned to “always be good” or that we were “bad” if we expressed our needs. This could also be where blockages around doubt occurred. It will be important to see ourselves honestly and with empathy right now. Take note of what comes through as parts of it could be leaving your field for good.
I make these connections because while the sun represents father, the moon represents mother in astrology. As the mother, the moon indicates peace, nourishment, and comfort. Children are represented by Jupiter, and Jupiter is finally direct as of December 30th. It will form a trine with Venus just three days after our Full Moon. This Venusian trine will be sandwiched by Mercury trine Uranus and Mars trine Uranus as well. 
The energy will be reactive to any clearing we’ve done around the Full Moon and it’s a really positive set of transits. Themes around attachment to love, new experiences around meeting new people, and the way we pour back into ourselves will all be at the surface.
Some of this could be painful, while some of it could be gratifying, all of it should be celebrated because you have indeed come a long way.
I say this because it will be important to really drop into our power at this time. Pluto in Aquarius will be very support of revealing anything that has been hidden around the timing of this Full Moon.
Stay grounded and know that what comes through right now is all part of a collective learning to come together in a unified and strengthened way. If arguments come up try your best not to let your inner child take the wheel, they don’t really know how to drive after all. Your adult self will need to be present in order to know what is for you and what isn’t. 
Look at things objectively but stay grounded in the knowledge that you are enough and worthy of the peace that comes with stating what you need or walking away.
Remember the calm and collected vibration I discussed in the last newsletter? This will come into play now and for a few weeks after this lunation.

Full Moon Ritual 

My suggestion for a ritual is to seek out your inner child and tell them how far they’ve come. You can do this in a letter or to simply speak it into a mirror. 
Tell them they can lay down their weapons, their defenses, and their tendencies towards panic. Tell them they are safe and let them know about all that they have accomplished in their adult life.
This exercise relaxes the nervous system and allows for a new bandwidth around safety, security, and identity. You are in charge and you have done a really great job so far.
What can your inner child let go of in order to live a more joyful life? Perhaps one where they can allow themselves to experience life without waiting for the other shoe to drop?
Write this down or speak it into into existence. You can burn this letter and give it to the Universe if you’d wish, that is totally up to you.

Full Moon Mantras

I’ve also created mantras to ease ourselves into this vibration so as to facilitate release on a higher, more aligned level. Here they are:
I am fed all that I hunger for, as the Universe bestows the nourishment and fruitful gifts that I crave.
I am given freely all that I am asking for, as the Universe bestows the abundance and monetary gifts that bring me the safety I seek.
I am embracing my own self-love, as the Universe bestows the people and experiences here to show me love in return.

Full Moon Tarot Card

Our Tarot Card this time is the Nine of Pentacles. It is a card of rewarded efforts and self-sufficiency. It may indicate that we have reached a stage in our lives where it is time for confidence to reign. 
It beckons us to get clear on our intention and decide what freedom really means. It’s as if the challenges of the past are now tools on our journey instead of hinderances like they were before. It’s as if our scars hold more knowledge rather than pain so that we are now able to navigate our lives with greater patience and understanding.

Full Moon Prescription

This Full Moon will be connecting us to our inner child, and specifically a time in life when our Sacral chakra develops and blooms. This was a time when we gained a better understanding of ourselves, our creativity, and the way we want to express ourselves took shape as well. Using Carnelian will support you immensely. 
Carnelian promotes courage and creativity and is also is an incredibly powerful stone for healing the Heart chakra and betrayal. It imparts childlike innocence and fondness, therefore it is an excellent stone for inner child work.


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