All About March's Lunar Eclipse in Libra

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth, and Moon align, so that the Moon passes into Earth's shadow. And this is exactly what is happening during our Lunar Eclipse in Libra on March 25th. In a total lunar eclipse, the entire Moon falls within the darkest part of Earth's shadow, called the umbra. There are many energetic properties that I feel are really unique to this eclipse. Let’s talk all about it shall we?

This eclipse season has an incredible undercurrent consisting of equal energy exchange, honest realizations about self-sabotage, and the Universe calling us in to slow down.

Meaning, what you have been putting in, you will absolutely get out, if you were “wronged” it could begin to unravel before your very eyes, you may need to get out of your own way in order to learn the lesson, and you will see loads of synchronicities, I’m talking endless.

Perhaps you have been engaged in a personal battle, intending to change something about your health, enmeshed in a financial back and forth at work, or you could be dealing with money exchange or legal battles. This eclipse will connect you to many solutions and often ones you couldn’t have predicted.

This is going to be intense and all the Universe is requiring right now is that you don’t jump to conclusions. Seriously. You will be shown time and time again throughout the first week of April, that honesty has to come first and that you are in good hands. This could come in the form of honest conversations thanks to Mercury Retrograde in Aries, and it could also come in the form of many silver linings and gorgeous outcomes if you can hold still enough to open up to them.

Mercury will go retrograde in Aries on April 1st, making this the quintessential time to carefully consider your actions before making any major decisions AND avoid running into issues down the line. I’m serious friend. Under no circumstances should you send that scathing text, email or direct message. Stop, think, then feel.

Aries has such strong energy and as it alchemizes with eclipse energy, it only becomes stronger. This is meant to push you toward honesty and truth, and maybe putting yourself out there so you can shine like you’re meant to, but not to acting out and letting your inner frustrated child take the wheel.

I’m really emphasizing this because things you might usually react to or not pay much attention to, are far more likely to be misconstrued and lead to problems down the line. And friend, it is very difficult to take words back, especially in writing. Just trust me here okay?

However, this eclipse season is the perfect opportunity to set things straight in a lot of areas, but particularly in our relationships. If you've had a falling out recently, or have a long standing disagreement, now is a great time to hear the other person out with the intent of compromise.

If you're still hurt and just want a chance to speak AT THEM and not TO THEM, then wait until you’re more regulated. This is about honesty and openness, so it could result in you cutting off contact as well. I’m not bypassing that possibility and I do believe that result is absolutely for the best in some instances.

The other aspect around this eclipse that I think is really important to note, is that events could be cancelled out of the blue. You may have issues communicating effectively where it comes to planning group meetings during Mercury Retrograde in Aries. My advice is to go back to the basics and really go over plans if you have an event during this time.

Think accuracy over urgency, you can absolutely slow down and take inventory if you allow yourself the time and space. After all, lack of preparation on your part does not constitute an emergency on anyone else’s part. Slow down, take note, and then follow through.

I feel like with all of this slowing down and planning, you could easily set yourself up for the rest of the year. Seriously.  By the time post-retrograde shadows ends, you could do an entire 180 degree turn and be thriving in a much better place while at a steady pace. I’m so here for it.

I say this because Aries is ruled by aggressive Mars, and Libra by peace-building Venus. These energies do not have to remain oppositional in your life. You can certainly use both to your advantage during this eclipse. They’re here to help you work through the illusion balance, and into true contentment, acceptance, and love.

You could see this play out in your life beautifully if you lean in, however you may see these energies play out destructively in the collective through the month of April. Take heart, there will be many silver linings like I said, and it will be so important for you to stay above the energetic fray right now.

You’re here for a reason and the Universe needs you steady and grounded, because the Libra lunar eclipse on March 25 will be a wakeup call. You will examine your relationships, and you will see how others react to having to examine theirs.

It can get intense, so see this as the beautiful calling in by the Universe and know you have options and choices and so much good still on its way.

Here are some very simple, but highly effective mantras to get you through:

I allow the eclipse to bring in what is needed at this time.

I allow the next six weeks to change me for the better.

I allow myself the space to change when called in and rest when it is necessary.


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