All About March's New Moon in Pisces

Our New Moon in Pisces will occur on March 9th. As Pisces is a water sign, this lunation is sending a wave of new ideas and fresh ways of thinking all while clearing away what is ready to go.

 Thanks to other astrological aspects, the focus will hone in on the health of the body as well as connecting to our values more deeply.

 Like I’ve said in other newsletters, March is truly a month of healing and we are about to see this unfold.

There will, however, be some shake ups thanks to Uranus as well. I have so much to say about this. Shall we go on?

The Moon will be bringing an opportunity to set your standards as well as adjust your own personal frequency as we approach our upcoming eclipse season. Pisces urges energy management by way of connecting with what matters, and managing our time by identifying energetic drain.

It is honing in on some serious energy management and will show us where our life force is being syphoned without our knowledge. As our time here on this plane is a constant give and take of energy, we are constantly absorbing the energy around us. We are also carving out what it means to be happy and truthful in this life. This is where Uranus comes in.

Uranus will be in a hard aspect to the Sun and the Moon during this lunation, so you may see truth come through and due to the shocking nature, it could be difficult to integrate at first.

Uranus loves to find the weak links when it comes to our relationships, financial deals, and current projects. If you see this come through in the next week or two, don’t stress though. Uranus is speedy with this gesture and shows us the way rather quickly.

If it has no future value or if it is a possible blockage or hindrance, it will be forever changed or even decimated by Uranus. And like I said, this will be swift and so will its replacement. Uranus loves to create a void so that it can be filled with more abundance. During this lunation it is highly probable that you will be trading something seemingly good for something truly great.

In alignment to this hard aspect, this New Moon wants you to define what matters most and no longer absorb what may be sloughing off of others, or hindering your progress, so you can fully step into a timeline of joy and abundance. This would, however, require that we break out of old patterns and bravely step into a new paradigm.

This type of action will be urged in the coming weeks as Mars will be in Aries and Mercury and the Sun just danced closely this past week with Saturn, the planet of responsibility, karma, and boundaries. During this lunation, Saturn continues to draw on all three of those aspects and asks that we commit more deeply to what matters most, even if it is inconvenient at first or feels physically irritating in the beginning.

Saturn can be a little pushy like that. This is because Saturn is brutally honest where it comes to this type of shadow work. Stay open anyway as so much unfolds toward the end of the month.

This Moon will also be conjunct with Neptune, which is the modern ruler of this sign. This means Piscean energy will be even more intense, as it urges us to define what it is we want and break down barriers by finally owning up to our standards and personal boundaries.

And while Pisces energy is all about breaking down barriers and diving deep into what is possible, this time around it will also be asking us what the hell it is we want, and what we are willing to finally heal or let go to get there. Whew! I wasn’t joking about the whole healing part, was I?

As you perform your New Moon rituals and work with this energy, perhaps try your best to feel into your sense of accountability, your responsibilities, and what it is exactly that defines your values and standards.

This can be broad, or it can be specific, but I would take the time to define these things in writing and journal as much as you can, as this will give you insight into purpose and direction so that your manifestations can appear more readily.

 Ask what you may be ignoring because it was too difficult to integrate. Perhaps there is someone or some sort of conversation you’ve been ignoring. How can you better tend to it?

As you clear out the expectations of others, feel into who you really want to be. What is your definition of happiness? Take the time to write this down and feel into it as you read it aloud.

 I am keeping what I write in a journal this time. I want it to have some staying power, but you do what feels right as this is your journey.

And here are some mantras to accompany you on this journey as you lean into deeper healing.

New Moon Mantras

I am healing at an exponential rate and open myself to new and beautifully surprising pathways.

I am healing what was, loving what is, and walking ahead into the gorgeous future that will be.

I am healing mind and body as my spirit confidently leads the way.

New Moon Tarot Card 

Our Tarot card is the Page of Pentacles. It signifies ambition, wealth, security, and sensuality.

This card refers to the kind of energy needed to complete a task, project, or work. This is about vitality and healing so that we can forge ahead in confidence and finally let go of fear.

The Page of Pentacles also tells us that assistance will be there when we need it, all we have to do is ask. 

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