All About Mars Entering Capricorn

Mars enters Capricorn tomorrow and we all gain a ton of clarity and strength this month. For the next six weeks, you’ll be extra empowered to tackle any issue with not just patience, but style. And don’t be surprised if you feel like setting your goal higher and then actually achieve what you set out to do without the usual resistance or concerted effort.

It’s a little more easy breezy when you trust yourself, and that is exactly what the Universe is aiming to teach right now.

This is your time to lead with your ambition and stand in your power. Don’t be shy about declaring where you stand either. One of the great benefits to this transit is that you’ll be less prone to energetic leakage and having others syphon your life-force unknowingly. If you’ve been working on setting boundaries and really connecting to what you will not tolerate or settle for as part of our last Mercury Retrograde, this is your time friend.

You may already be exercising this in your life right now as this week is the tipping point of this energy.
Mars is very comfortable in this placement even though by nature it rules Aries. Saturn is the natural ruler of Capricorn, but Mars in this position will make full use of Saturn's task master energy and strict structure and becomes 'exalted' in this position. Like I said, this is good and certainly not too good to be true, Mars will make sure of it. When Mars is in Aries it gets things accomplished, but opportunity is often overlooked and energy wasted by going too fast. In its position in Capricorn, our energy is conserved and put to use with decisive action, not impulse.

Whether you’re called to take up more space, make your stand known, or simply allow yourself to be propelled forward in achieving your goals, this is the time to do so deliberately. Perhaps you feel you were wildly misunderstood during our Mercury Retrograde, maybe you felt as if you weren’t heard at all. For the first two weeks of January, you’ll be moving forward in another direction and one where you and your truth will be more welcomed. Do this with thought and intention and the result is absolutely amazing.

Maybe you needed to rewrite the terms of a financial contract and now you have more knowledge and confidence to do so. Perhaps someone wasn’t meeting you half way in a relationship? In the weeks ahead, you may see them coming forward and be able to connect to this relationship on your more redefined terms. Maybe this is a time where you meet yourself with more patience and deliberate actions when it comes to your own wellbeing? Take the lead and take it knowing that you have everything you need to get ahead right now.

This transit will help us all to pursue personal desires in a more deliberate and methodical manner. The door opens for us to take a more direct approach to our ambitions, and perhaps for some, stop at nothing until they are accomplished. During this transit, be sure to assess what it is you want and need and then work toward attainable goals. This helps us lean into more tangible results at a faster pace as it is also a very hard-working and motivational time - in fact, one of the most productive of the year.

My only piece of advice right now is to check in with yourself and do what you need to do on your terms. You are fully supported as this transit boosts intuition, self-trust, confidence, physical strength, and your connection to the Higher Self. This calculated time is pulling on us to accomplish more because it is going after results we can see and feel, allow it. I’ve got the perfect mantras to do just that.


I am poised to succeed in my financial goals, as I speak and hear the truth around me.
I am poised to love and be loved deeply, as I embrace the kindness that is shown to me now.
I am poised to know and trust my inner workings, as I allow for my Highest Self to come through to me now. 

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