All About Mars in Aquarius

Mars enters Aquarius today and it brings in focus around the Heart and Sacral Chakra. This is when we get our bearings where it comes to our last lunation and embody our intentions fully. This is also when we take matters into our own hands and commit to action.

It is such an incredible time for being creative AND being productive. It will also be a time of seeing the bigger picture and letting go of what matters least, so that we can gain greater connection to what matters most. We will be more concerned with the greater good and who is in our lives for the long haul.
With Mars in Aquarius our moral compass will be strong, and what our hearts truly desire will be difficult to hide. It will be as if we are even more magnetized to our heart’s truth and connected to our power to create.

After today, we have six more days until the Sun moves out of Aquarius and into Pisces which can feel intense or tricky, as this energy delivers one final push. This will be especially true if energetic boundaries aren’t in place. Without these boundaries we tend to self-betray, and that can make this Mars transit tiresome for many.

Sacral power, like I said, will be at the forefront and it’s as if we begin to feel more fortified in our next steps after the clearing New Moon we just had. But if there are cracks in our boundary system, this will definitely begin to show now.

The key will be to be deliberate in our intention and unwavering where it comes to closing out low vibrational energetic cycles. Yep, I’m talking toxic connections, treating our bodies poorly, and the ever looming self-sabotage that coincides with lying to ourselves or minimizing our needs for the sake of keeping others happy.

And while Mars is all about war, in Aquarius he is much more about strategy, protection, and the long haul. This may require you to pivot, even if it feels uncomfortable at first. I’ll explain more.

This transit seeks to fortify your resolve in choosing truth over potential. And it is very much concerned with the long term and end goal. As you process the aftermath of this last lunation, it will be so important to decide what it is you truly want right now. If it’s a peaceful home, a loving partner, or a stable income, all of this can be connected to in a really honest and deliberate manner.

We will be boosted by some really productive energy and you may feel like self-isolating in order to get things done and buttoned up. Perhaps, make some to-do lists, resolve to treat yourself better, or prioritize your time in other ways, and just watch what happens.

I say this because you may be met with new or innovative ways to finish up projects. I wouldn't be surprised if you got some help from people who just seem to show up at the right time during this transit. The point I'm making is that even if you're tempted to self-isolate more right now, don't. You will receive help from unlikely sources as the Universe is really supportive through April 1st.

Remember the “retrograde free zone” we talked about in other newsletters? Well, now through March is where it gets really good. Yep, I'm so here for it.

Mars embodies the energy of love and war, right and wrong, and “yes” or “no” in our lives. This energy, combined with that of Pluto in Aquarius, leaves little for interpretation. It’s as if the Universe is asking us what the hell we want and if we are truly willing to get there.

It can feel daunting at first, but if we recognize the origin of our resistance, it does become easier. Like, much, much easier in the weeks to come. Like I mentioned before, it would be great to capitalize on this through April 1st.

Maybe you’ve known for quite some time what you want, but have been afraid, or maybe just used to being told that you won’t “amount to more”. Well, this transit gives us the reason, motivation, and even the epiphany in order to pivot.  

Mars settles into Aquarius through March 22nd, so you have some time to connect deeper into this transit and benefit from it greatly. Ask yourself what you want and need right now, decide what can finally be let go, and lean heavily into this ultra-productive vibration.



I am fully capable of completing my desired tasks.
I am fully aware of what needs to get done and how to do that.
I am fully protected in all that I do to better my life and lead with love.

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