All About Mercury Conjunct Neptune

Mercury is conjunct Neptune this week as it prepares to enter Aries on Saturday, and you may have been feeling this a little early. When the communication planet is conjunct with a planet like Neptune, it heightens our intuitive senses and gifts to such a level that the amount of information coming in can be difficult to process.

There is just so much coming in that you may need to take breaks right now.

And I have been saying it over and over, but it is so very important to keep a written account or a journal at this time.

It may become a problem deciphering what is real and what isn't in the sense that you may be resisting information coming in and talk yourself back into self-betrayal or simply resisting change.

Make a list if you need to right now and don't feel silly about it.

Remembering what has transpired by going through your notes will fortify your resolve to move ahead more bravely into the next timeline, especially as we head into eclipse season.

What is essential and what is just periphery noise, will come through loudly now, and it can feel like an unwelcomed jolt. I attribute this also to Mercury's last day in Pisces and it's like this planet is giving us one last burst of information and insight, and quite the burst it is.

This can either feel like a welcome change or like an abrupt one. You may either feel even more solid in your foundation and choices to shift from what was, or you may finally let change happen and feel it remove the stagnant energy like an old abscess. I know, it doesn't sound pleasant when I put it that way.

The result is a new timeline and a fresh approach to contentment and joy, and you do have a choice here. You can either dig your heels in, or you can move with the flow that the Universe is presenting right now.

As I've said in past newsletters, this can feel uncomfortable at first but it will absolutely pleasantly surprise you.

An example of this could be adopting a new health regimen that seems daunting and downright annoying at first, but then it morphs into something that you don't mind, then into something where you see results, and then into a habit that you love and can't imagine life without.

This week marks a new beginning and one where we need to be conscious of our desires, duties and boundaries as Mercury heads into Aries and things really start to speed up. Mercury is in Aries from March 10th through May 15th, which is honestly a really long time for Mercury to stay in one sign. This is happening due to its retrograde cycle from April 1st through April 25th.

When it is in Aries, we are less concerned with gossip, opinions, speculations, objective viewpoints and over-explaining, and more concerned with reaching a decision and acting on it quickly.

This will muddy the proverbial waters come April so get really clear now on what needs to stay and what must go when it comes to the home, office, and romantic relationships.

And we tend to be more assertive when Mercury is in Aries, so it will be important to be sure about what we say and do at this time. Try to think about all aspects of a relationship whether you are choosing to go or stay in it, and look closely at needs around budget should you be looking for other work or deciding to switch the trajectory when it comes to your earning.

Take this week to really evaluate next moves and your true motives, you can even refer to my past newsletter for more information on this as I have discussed these themes in prior editions.

As you move through this week and the weeks to come, consider these Mercury in Aries themes and see if any apply to you at this time.

While Mercury is in Aries we may experience the following:

-Pressure on yourself or from others to make quick decisions

-Distancing yourself from hive mentality into more independent or autonomous thinking

-The urge to make executive decisions based on your needs and proper energetic exchange

-Doing it your way

-Preferring to be talked to and not talked at, and being really triggered by this 

-A more pronounced sense of competition

-Straightforward communication

-Pull toward uncomplicated conversation and dealings with others 

-Blunt or even a combative nature or responses to conflict

-Feeling more defensive or having others act more defensively

-Mental sharpness

-Confidence that wasn't as pronounced before

-Learning on the fly rather than diving deep into study or preparation

 These themes may feel a little spicy when you read them initially, but they do compound in creating a more productive season into May 2024. I have talked all about the changes coming with Pluto in Aquarius and this transit really pushes us into peeling back even more layers.

Please refer back to past newsletters if you can. This will offer not only insight, but may jog your memory in order for you to fill in your own blanks.

You have so much good ahead right now, but like the skin of an onion, you may need to peel back old layers and let them compost back into the ground from where they came.

Mercury will be keen in urging you to do just that. Are you open to it? Have you resolved to embrace the changes ahead? Well, here are some mantras to help you do just that.  

As it is here to change my trajectory for the better, I am here for all of it. 

As it is here to change my heart so that I love myself more, I am here for all of it. 

As it is here to change my levels of abundance so that I may receive even more, I am here for all of it.

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