All About Mercury Conjunct Pluto

Love is definitely in the air, but not for the reasons you’d think. We’ve got Mercury conjunct Pluto today and some pretty great aspects leading up to our New Moon in Aquarius on the 9th.

You could be finding solutions to long standing conflict, you could influence people at work to see things your way, or you could have personal revelations as to your own needs and how you can better serve yourself on your personal growth journey.

This is where the puzzle pieces start to fit and/or the dominos begin to fall. We will see what we’ve been missing and where to put our efforts, or we will have to let the pieces fall in order to see our next move fully.

At either rate, we will be reminded this month over and over that we are not truly in control. This is actually quite beneficial. The idea here is to get out of our own way, like for good. Let’s dive in further,  shall we? 

The Mercury Pluto conjunction is super interesting because we end up uncovering secrets or aspects around conflict resolution quite easily. Perhaps you’re going through something legally related or maybe you’ve got some plans to make about division of property or assets, but don’t know where to start because it all seems overwhelming.

This transit offers clarity and a way out of confusion if you are open to asking questions and being consistent in probing for some answers. This would be a great time to hire a third party like an accountant, legal adviser, coach, or a therapist/counselor.

This will offer another perspective but also jump start some new questions that lead to some solid answers. This is the week to get the information you need. And if you have hired people to help even last month, this would be the time to set up more sessions or consultations to further your exploratory search. 

Be aware of those who oversell solutions or try to convince you to stop asking too many questions at this time. This transit is here to show us truth, and those trying to avoid the truth getting out will be at their most poised and ready.

Do not enter important conversations off the record and don’t entertain anyone who has been keen on pushing their own agenda in the past. I say this because the past can either come up right now for some karmic resolution, or it can come up to remind us how far we’ve come.

This can bring us back to painful parts (that we thought we’d healed) for further healing. If you’ve done personal work these last three to four years this will be bittersweet and quite beautiful. If you’ve been stuck in an energetic loop of self-betrayal, this will feel like a swift kick. I’m here for all of it friend, this is a karmic year after all. We love a delicious pivot and this week might just offer that. 

With Venus trine Uranus on the 7th, the energy will have us breaking the mold and seeking truth even more. Anything keeping us small or pigeon holed in an outdated role may come through for evaluation. Conversely, this could have us more drawn to being social and meeting new people.

 Maybe you’ve recently recognized that you don’t want to be in a certain role and you’ve made a commitment to break free? This is very exciting in my opinion and could very well result in the beginning of new partnerships both in romance and finance. And if you have an Earth or Water sign in your top three (Sun, Moon, Ascendant) this could be especially true for you at this time. 

The Sun does square Uranus on the 8th and this could prove quite emotional however. Take your time, breathe even more as needed, and know that you’re exactly where you need to be right now.

Our New Moon (on the 9th) will round out the energy this week in a way that sweeps what must go, and it could be sharper and more poignant when it comes to self-evaluation.

Try not to be too hard on yourself and know that some past mistakes just need to be left in the past. You will see that shame and fear have no value and the way Uranus is doing its final sweep is actually pretty damn magical.

Mercury started this trend on a Monday and our New Moon finishes it on a Friday, with what may seem like a bit of an emotional crescendo. It’s going to be okay friend, more than okay actually.

You’ve done some pretty hard things in your life and this Moon just wants you to know that this time you are more equipped, capable, and much more grounded.


I am here to shine no matter what, and that’s what I will do.

I was made to do hard things, and I am doing them beautifully.

I continue to surprise myself with my abilities and I always find my way.


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