All About Mercury in Pisces

Mercury enters Pisces this week following the Sun's entrance in this sign yesterday. Its stay in Pisces will be relatively quick from February 23rd through March 10th.

What it could mean for you is that as the lessons from Aquarius Season wrap up, or at the very least begin to, and you'll be more inclined to make sense of them and use this information.
We are given our first clue here with the duration of this transit; it is going to be quick but condensed. I don't know about you, but I kinda like that. 
The tricky part will be not to filter this information, but rather note it and stay open to more. I would really suggest taking actual notes if you can, seriously.
This transit could already have you pulled to writing, if so, that's great! Either through your journaling or simply through the notes app in your phone, note events or whenever your intuitive hits are spot on this month. 
I'll explain why in the words below, but noting these things will show you some patterns and some truths later. Remember that this is the retrograde free zone right now, we have no real setbacks or filters when it comes to what we are being shown.
The planets are in their full expression, pushing us forward. Let's dive into more, shall we? 
While we will still definitely be more pulled to consciousness - raising information and the collective or cumulative outcome for the greater good, our individual intuition and how we intuitively make decisions will be highlighted to the point where you may feel it's almost uncanny how we "just know." Your intuition will be on point through this transit. 
Read that again, on point I tell you.
Follow this without fear or guilt. This transit is definitely here to give you clues and show things ahead of time, but at times it could feel like imagination or even wishful thinking. Think of this as the biggest, most gracious, push by the Universe to get you to see the truth (and yourself) fully. 
When Mercury is in Pisces, we are more visual, intuitive, and imaginative. We are especially attuned to our emotions, which we may have been taught not to trust.
The Universe only understands emotion after all, so wouldn't this make sense? Trust what you are feeling, seeing, and experiencing, but regulate your nervous system state by not taking everything in all at once, like I said, take note. 
I stress taking notes or writing as this will also be an incredible time to manifest through writing, or simply to make lists of all that needs to be completed at this time. With such a condensed transit, our results will be quick. Just try it, I promise you'll be glad you did. 
As this transit continues on, you will see so much more come in through the same, unfiltered, deliciously intuitive lense. Our Full Moon in Virgo sheds more intuitive light just two days after this transit. 
Saturn will conjoin the Sun and oppose Mercury and the Moon, and you may need to adjust your perception of someone or be presented with more information that could feel stressful initially.
Truth is always uncomfortable at first, but can be very freeing when we realize that the chess pieces of this little game are being moved so that advancement can occur. You will have wins this season, but there will be some people, and even things that need to move out of your way first. 
It is a Full Moon in Virgo and as it clarifies life for us, it will also ask of you to review what you are keeping in the home, in your headspace, and in your heart. 
This Moon is offering clarity just as Mars and Venus were offering it with their transits this past month. It is one where we will feel pulled to organize our physical space so as to facilitate calm and cleanliness. 
This isn't Spring cleaning exactly, but it could be the beginning of a deeper cleanse as we head into March and April. If you do feel pulled to organize, know that you're right on brand, it is a Virgo Moon after all.
I will go over this and so much more in our next newsletter on Wednesday. Please be sure to check back, but for now here are your Monday Mantras.


I express myself openly and make decisions intuitively. 
I am attracted to consciousness-raising information and trust it fully.
I attune to the world of emotion and connect to the Universe's plan consciously.

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