All About Mercury Retrograde in Aries

We've got a Mercury Retrograde Monday and I feel like we need to discuss the slight difference a Mercury Retrograde in Aries can bring. Every Mercury Retrograde is similar, but slightly nuanced based on the sign it is in. This one lasts over three weeks and admittedly it is a little intense. Let's get into it, shall we? 

Frustration can mount when Mercury is in Aries during its backward spin, but so can drive and getting tasks done.

I know, it's a retrograde. But in Aries the drive to do a deep review is even more poignant than usual, making it an incredible time to get to the bottom of issues and get on a more clear path. 

This may mean going back to the drawing board where it comes to projects or plans, but that's actually the cool part. 

 In Aries, Mercury wants us to get super clear and laser focused, and this could mean some serious redirection.

Coupled with eclipse energy, this could be felt in all aspects of your life right now, not just work. You may have to review commitments instead of scrapping what's been done and starting over.

So if you do get frustrated with a project or a situation, don't be tempted to throw away any progress that has been made so far. This is the time to get really clear as to objectives and level set, then you can expand from there.

You may also need to ask for third party help or assistance on a matter and this will bring in another perspective which is so on brand for this little time of reviewing and revamping. And you'll be reviewing and revamping April 1st through April 25th, so let's get comfy and dive in some more shall we? 

When one has Mercury in their birth chart in Aries, they tend to be a quick learner. During this retrograde, the opposite energy will ensue. Well, sort of. You may find that whatever you are diving into, whether it's learning or simply completing a project, will take longer at this time. Allow for this to take longer, and know that delays don't have to be a bad thing. 

This time creates bandwidth so that you can become more of an expert at whatever you pursue, which will come in handy later in the year. It's like whatever we end up learning or studying now, may be drawn out, but the results will be more fruitful and build some seriously unshakable confidence. 

The arts, music and dance are also a favorite with this birth chart placement, so you could be drawn to similar themes and aspects. Perhaps no matter your birth chart, this is an outlet for you already?

You could find yourself craving this even more during the retrograde or you could find that you end up going back to a dance class, want to listen to your favorite 80's hair band from the past, or be drawn to the comfort and beauty of past artistic pursuits or talents.

I think that is seriously so cool, and I really hope that if you feel like going back to childhood or past creative activities, that you do this whole heartedly during the retrograde. 

This placement increases magnetism towards, ahem, quick and easy sexual pursuits. Yep. I just typed that out.

What this means is that past relationships and exes that come back right now, but will be short lived. Even if they seem great and like they've changed, please consider why you broke up before taking your ex back right now. Chances are, just like that 80's hair band, the only thing that's changed about them is their receding hairline. I said what I said. 

Buried issues are coming up for some air right now, and these individuals are coming back to show you how far you've come. Let that be enough and don't take the bait, you'll be super stressed and wish you'd listened to this email later. I would, however, reunite with old friends and reminisce about the past over a good meal.

Mercury in Aries will definitely show us a good time and there will be some serious fun and laughs. 

And lastly, this is a great time to clean out and revamp a room or closet. Mercury in Aries is driven and thorough so this would be a great time to do that.

You may find items you thought you'd lost and you will be pulled to some seriously thorough energy. I'm so here for it. Perhaps you want to move some furniture around or lightly redecorate a room? This sort of refresh is highly favorable, I say go for it. 

So prepare to be a little annoyed and a little amazed, as this retrograde season is definitely upon us. It will be one where you will discover your strengths and perhaps your favorite band all over again. 

In the next newsletters I'll be discussing all things solar eclipse on April 8th and the energy it will draw on in the weeks to come, so definitely check back for our regular and bonus newsletters. 

For now, here are your mantras.

I choose myself over and over again as I fill my cup to the brim.

I choose love over fear as I step into my power at every turn.

I choose unwavering confidence as I receive all levels of truth.


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