All About Neptune Retrograde

Neptune Retrograde is such an interesting time when it comes our intimate relationships.

Mercury in Cancer urges us to continue deeper on the path of trusting our intuition, and this particular retrograde really wants to seal the deal.

Neptune goes retrograde June 30th through December 6th, and its journey will either feel extremely connective or cause permanent separation in relationships.

Yep. No one wants to hear it, but some of us may realize that we’ve outgrown our partnership while others will find themselves with the task of doing some deep personal work in order to stay connected.

If we're hiding behind excuses, addictions or even the allure of what I call “sameness” in a relationship, Neptune will sniff it out at this time.

The idea is to evolve in order to understand and see our partners fully, and in that we understand and see ourselves. There will be more than compatible resonance at play however.

Mercury is in Cancer, calling us to communicate on a deeper level. Neptune dives us even further into the depths of shadow in partnerships, but he does this by triggering our defense mechanisms and perhaps showing us what we don’t always want to see. It can feel confusing. You may even want to give Neptune the middle finger because you “know” your relationships better than anyone else.

This shift will affect many on different levels. Perhaps your partner is sweet as ever but lacks boundaries within their family? This could cause friction that you may be turning a blind eye to but during this transit it could become more apparent than ever.

Maybe a close friend and coworker has always been there for you in the past, but lately hasn’t been pulling their weight and takes advantage of your kindness? You may not want to admit it, but this could merit a lengthy discussion. Or maybe you’re refusing to see that you may be in the wrong?

Are you hiding behind “checking off the boxes” in life? Perhaps deep down you know you’re being taken advantage of, love bombed or even being lied to, but chose the path of least resistance and refuse to see it. Or maybe it’s you and you’ve passed off work as your own or refuse to admit your own short comings? All of this gets triggered during this transit and we can feel torn.

Neptune in Motion

At any rate, we gain greater understanding by the middle or end of this transit and our connections are based in absolute truth rather than people pleasing or betraying ourselves.

It's so incredibly grounding that you won’t want to go back to that old timeline of denial and self betrayal. You see, Neptune is the planet of romantic behavior, creativity, dreams, and glamor. It's also associated with the opposite – illusion, delusion, fantasy and lying.

Depending on your level of self awareness, you may be feeling the adverse effects of this retrograde in the beginning rather than at the end of the transit. Those who are honest with themselves may have realizations dawn swiftly and take this as much needed important information, while others on a different part of their journey, could refuse to see what’s right in front of them only to have their friends say “I told you so” at the end of November.

Neptunes results will be “positive” or “negative” depending on your openness and willingness to witness yourself as the incredible light being you are and connect self-worth through honesty. After all, that is why the Universe puts these types of illusions in our path - in order for us to see fully and clearly.

Here is your juicy Neptune style mantra in time for this shift:

I am clear see fully as I make choices in alignment with my highest expression of truth.

Neptune Retrograde Crystal Prescription: In Your Power Stack

The perfect crystal prescription this week is the In Your Power bracelet stack. It is comprised of healing Rhodochrosite, grounding Black Tourmaline and Dalmatian Stone.

This set is so easy on the eyes and just bursts with calm and collective energy. Rhodochrosite brings a heart-healing and sensual vibration, while Black Tourmaline grounds and strengthens conviction to dispel negative energy.

Playful Dalmatian Stone wraps the wearer in warmth and a sense of safety. It's like a super grounding hug, and it also encourages creative thinking while holding boundaries. 

All of these work together to sweep and edify the chakras. Read up on all of these on my site individually, and you just might think this is my best-curated set yet

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